13 ways duct tape can help you in emergency situations

A lot has happened in the development of fabric adhesive tape since 1896 when the first technical adhesive tape for sealing defective tires came onto the market with the so-called “Cito-Sport adhesive plaster”.

At the latest with the development of the well-known “Leukoplast”, which was completed in 1901, cloth adhesive tape achieved status as an all-purpose weapon.

Cloth tape has been constantly evolving since the beginning of its development, adapting to the creativity of modern man.

What has once been considered misuse is now quite normal? The inventors of the fabric adhesive tape probably never dared to dream of the numerous purposes that their development would one day serve.

Of course, the prepping and survival community has also thought about what use they can get from the simple but sophisticated tool.

I present the creative results to you in the following article.

How can duct tape help you in emergency situations and what gadgets can you make from it?

1. Duct Tape as fuel

Now that might sound a bit odd, but why would you want to just burn your precious cloth tape that can serve so many purposes?

Very simple: because it works! Don’t forget that you are currently in an emergency situation and you should get yourself a warm place as soon as possible if you want to survive.

Duct tape will help you with this especially if you are in a humid environment that makes it particularly difficult for you to start a fire. Or you just can’t find enough fuel to start the fire in the first place.

Duct Tape helps you with this because of the particularly flammable materials it is made of.

Take some cloth tape and press it into a lump, which is best then ignited with a lighter or matches. You’ll see your campfire burns faster than you thought.

2. Cloth tape sunglasses

If you’re wondering why you should make sunglasses out of duct tape, consider the weather conditions that can make surviving an emergency difficult.

In addition to a steady supply of water and food, you should be able to perceive your surroundings as perfectly as possible.

For example, if you are in a very sunny but snowy area, snow blindness can set in faster than you would like.

If your perception is so clouded in an emergency situation, it is a security risk that should not be underestimated.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

The creation of such sunglasses is also not complicated at all.

Here are the steps:

    • Measure the target size of the sunglasses around the circumference of your head to make them fit.
    • Next, take double the amount of tape of the appropriate size and tear it off the roll.
    • Fold the torn or cut piece lengthwise so the sticky sides are together. After all, you don’t want glue on your skin.
    • However, leave a small piece of the adhesive surface free so that you can also attach/close your makeshift sunglasses so that they lie perfectly on your eye area.
    • Now cut two narrow slits in your creation right where your eyes will be. These should be large enough that you can clearly see your surroundings despite the sun protection.

This form of sunglasses may seem strange, but it is based on the traditional sun protection of arctic peoples, which has proven itself over the centuries.

Once you wear them yourself, you will quickly be convinced of their usefulness. So don’t be too critical and give it a try.

3. Patch holes with duct tape

It is tragic when you carry survival equipment with you, such as a tent or a sleeping bag, but this loses its functionality in an emergency situation.

If you find yourself in a rainy weather spell and find shelter from the wet only in your tent, it is a real drama when a leak starts raining in your shelter.

Or the soft-down sleeping bag loses numerous feathers because you, unfortunately, got caught on a sharp stone or stick.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

Patch any resulting holes quickly and effectively with fabric tape. Without spending a lot of time or complicated procedures, you are dry again and your sleeping bag retains its soft, warming contents.

Even if you are driving a vehicle and you discover a small leak in the tire that could be fatal to you sooner or later, duct tape can help.

Cover the leak in question with a sufficiently thick layer of tape. This will at least stabilize the tire until you have hopefully reached your desired goal.

4. Make a flytrap out of fabric tape

Depending on what area you are in and what time of year, flies and mosquitoes can not only be a nuisance but a real nuisance.

Here, too, duct tape can be a little help, which at least gets rid of the fly problem a little.

Take a few pieces of duct tape and attach them to surrounding branches or parts of your tent.

The annoying mosquitoes and flies will get stuck there and can no longer bother you or transmit diseases to you through bites.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

5. Safely remove tick larvae

First of all, you should know that you should not use duct tape to remove a tick that has already burrowed deep into your skin.

It is still better to use tick tweezers, tweezers or another suitable tool for this. However, you can use the tape to avoid a particularly treacherous “land mine”.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

Ticks lay their eggs (up to 4,000 by the way) in a suitable place that you probably don’t even notice. If you are unlucky enough to step on one of these chests or even lie down in it, the larvae often swarm out within a short time and start using you as a climbing park.

So that you are not overwhelmed by this army of small pests, you can also use duct tape here by taking a piece of it and pressing the adhesive surface onto the affected area again and again so that the small animals stick to it. Be particularly thorough and don’t miss any of the little beasts.

With some types of ticks, even the larvae already carry diseases, react accordingly quickly and specifically, but do not panic.

6. Make a rope or line out of duct tape

In survival situations, a rope or leash will be of great help to you.

Whether you want to attach something to it, use it to build your shelter, or make your own clothesline, with a strong and secure rope you have a lot of options.

But even if you don’t have a real rope or line at hand, there are solutions.

If you twist one or more strips of duct tape together, this also creates a kind of rope that can be relatively strong and durable.

Of course, the strength of the self-made leash also depends on the amount of tape used, so check beforehand whether the use of your makeshift rope justifies the consumption of the fabric tape.

7. Makeshift feathers for arrows made of tape

One of the most popular weapons that people like to craft in survival situations is the classic bow.

Equipped with pointed arrows, this is ideal for hunting or for defence. So that the right arrows also follow a stable trajectory, they usually have a few feathers at the end. This is for balance and accuracy.

However, you may not be able to find suitable feathers for your arrows quickly.

But don’t worry: Duct Tape is also fantastic for this project. Cloth tape, if done correctly, can completely replace the feathers and provide the arrow with the stability it needs.

To do this, cut two pieces of tape, preferably the same size, and press them together at the back end of the arrow, where the feathers normally sit. Cut the two pieces a little further so that the typical “feather shape” that you should know from ordinary arrows comes out.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

8. Wound care and first aid

Similar to plaster, you can treat cuts in particular with duct tape as an emergency measure.

For this to work, you should first have stopped the blood flow and cleaned the wound. After all, it is about closing an open wound – it would be extremely unfavourable if infectious germs were in it or the bleeding prevented it from being closed.

Cut the number of pieces you need for the size of your wound. The strips should be about 1.5 cm wide so that you can place them on the wound to hold it together or seal it. Place the pieces along the wound so that the structure resembles a suture.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

If you have closed a wound with duct tape, make sure that you do not pull it off immediately.

Wait a few days so you can be sure the wound has healed.

If you remove the tape too early, there is a risk that the wound will open again when the tissue tape is removed. So be very careful here!

9. Bind and fix

Duct Tape can also help you with people who are not kind to you.

Even if nobody wants it, conflicts often arise in emergency situations and escalate accordingly. It may therefore be necessary to fix someone in the meantime to protect you or your family from harm.

You can use fabric tape to fix his hands or feet.

You either wrap the duct tape around their extremities or attach the offender to an object such as a tree or piece of furniture, whatever is available.

Do not forget that this can be a deprivation of liberty if the worst comes to the worst and you should only take this measure in an absolute emergency if your life or that of your loved ones is threatened.

10. Makeshift clothing repair

Rarely will you be as dependent on your clothing as you will be during an emergency situation?

What you wear can make the difference between surviving a cold spell in the wild, struggling through a tick-infested area, or scalding yourself in a hot environment.

So you understand that your clothes should always be functional and in one piece unless you choose to shorten certain garments yourself.

If a piece of clothing does tear, gets punctured, or is otherwise damaged, you need to be able to guarantee its integrity and functionality.

While duct tape won’t restore your clothing or gear to its original condition, you can use it to patch holes, reattach torn portions of the garment, and restore at least some degree of functionality.

Keep in mind that this is not about the optics or anything like that, but solely about your survival.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

11. Waypoints and markers

Waypoints and markers can be very useful, especially if you are in an area that you are not entirely familiar with or even completely unfamiliar with.

Remember Hansel and Gretel, who scattered pieces of bread on their way to find their way home again later. This idea follows a similar principle.

You shouldn’t scatter breadcrumbs or the like, after all, you urgently need all your supplies, but you can create a few quickly recognizable markers and waypoints with a little duct tape.

Cloth tape is ideal for this, as it often reflects a lot of light and can be easily attached in different places.

So cut out a few pieces and stick them to specific points that are on your way. If the worst comes to the worst, you can easily find your way back, since you always know where you’ve been or where you’re coming from with the help of the stuck-on license plates.

If you have a permanent marker or another pen with you, you can also write on the pieces of tape.

Maybe you want other people to find you and describe the way to you. Or you want the exact opposite of that and confuse your pursuers with false information. The possible uses are versatile.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

12. Fasten your shoes again!

What applied to clothing and your equipment in the previous section even applies to your shoes in multiple ways.

If you’re on your feet all day and your feet carry you through any terrain, no matter how rough, you should definitely make sure you have adequate protection. Of course, this also includes protected and functional shoes.

You don’t want to experience what it feels like to wade through damp terrain with punctured or generally leaky shoes while your feet grow colder and soaked with moisture.

What sounds unpleasant can even become dangerous over time. Accordingly, you should ensure that your shoes always and constantly remain tight.

13 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You In Emergency Situations

So if your soles ever say goodbye to the shoe, you can at least delay their departure with a little duct tape.

The same applies to leaks or holes. Depending on how leaky your footwear is at that point, you may need tape for both the inside and outside.

13. Make yourself a sturdy pouch or bowl

In principle, there are hardly any limits to your creativity if you want to make a useful bag out of duct tape.

Among other things, you can make a carrier bag for supplies or a waterproof bag.

In order to transport water in it, the adhesive surfaces should of course stick to each other and not necessarily come into contact with the water. However, if you press the adhesive surfaces together strongly, the bag should be able to fulfil its purpose in a tight and tear-resistant manner.

Another form of pouch or bag is the makeshift knife sheath, which you can also make from duct tape.

Of course, you should make sure that there is a sufficiently thick layer of adhesive tape so that you don’t cut yourself. However, if you handle it carefully, you also have a reliable carrying case for your tools.

You can then attach it to your belt if you wish, which is a popular option thanks to the strong and stable adhesive surface.

As you have probably seen, Mythbusters years ago, did a special on duct tape for survival uses, and how could I make this article without including a few clips .-)

YouTube video

YouTube video


Duct Tape can do a lot more than you might think if you’re creative

You see that Duct Tape can solve more problems in emergency situations than you might have expected.

You set your own limits, through your own creative horizon

As you may have noticed, the versatile uses of duct tape fit perfectly with the necessary attitude of a survivalist or prepper.

When it comes to bare survival, it depends on our creativity. As you know, we don’t have claws, large fangs, night vision, or nearly as good a sense of smell as our four-legged friends, the dogs.

Nevertheless, we humans were able to assert ourselves, survive and found civilizations over the millennia. We owe all this to our creativity.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to realize how little it actually takes to achieve multifaceted effects.

Well then, maybe you too will bring new ideas into the world of prepping on other ways to use duct tape!

Make up your own mind, always stay prepared and above all creative, because creativity is one of the primary qualities that a survivalist should have.

If you decide that you need some duct tape right now, you can get it right here on Amazon.

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