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5 places to find water at home, in case of a power cut

Imagine that the drinking water circuit is disturbed and that the distribution is no longer made to your home.

How to find water without leaving your home? Here are 5 solutions…

1 – In the toilet

Your toilet flush contains an average of 9 liters of drinking water.

Provided that the tank is not too dirty or old, you will be able to consume this water without worries.

If you have any doubt you can always filter it.

2 – In your hot water production system

If you have a cumulus: it’s very simple, the water will be stored.

It is likely that you will have to bleed it, as it may not drain if it is not powered by the public network.

In a heating system with a wall-mounted boiler, the water in the circuit is unfit for consumption but it remains available in the radiators and in the expansion vessel.

3 – In your aquarium

And yes… if you have fish, then you have water. It doesn’t get any dumber than that!

Please note: this is not living water and will require filtration to be consumed.

4 – In your washing machine or dishwasher

Here too, the water is not suitable for consumption but it is quickly available by draining your equipment.

A dishwasher can contain between 10 and 20 liters of water, but in the presence of salt… Be careful.

5 – In your freezer

And yes: we don’t always think about it, but there is always ice or frost in a freezer and it is therefore potentially drinking water!

6 – Bonuses?

In the event of a cut in the running water distribution service, or a long electricity cut (which could then lead to a water cut), the best solution remains your preparation.

Finally, there is also the possibility of having a rainwater collector (aerial or buried) in your garden (for those who live in a house).

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