7 essential items for a blackout / power outage

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage

There are many unexpected things that can disrupt our daily life. No one is immune to the unexpected, and it’s always good to be prepared for anything.

What would you do if there was a power outage in your city?

Investing in these seven must-have items now will give you more confidence, more peace of mind, and better skills to face any situation.

It’s important to have these items on hand just in case and I’ll now introduce you to my 7 items.

Does it make sense to prepare for a power outage or blackout?

It’s no surprise that power outages are a regular problem in many countries.

The average person – depending on the country – can experience one to three outages in a year.

And each incident can last a few days, if not longer.

A power outage is a scenario people should prepare for.

And that’s why the very first thing you should do is put together a blackout bag or a bag of survival items.

This will help your next blackout scenario to survive.

In order to be prepared for a power failure, it is advisable to put together a “blackout bag” or an emergency kit for the home.

You should keep this emergency kit in an easily accessible place and make sure everyone in your family knows where to find it.

Your power outage kit should contain at least the following items.

    • A light source
    • An emergency radio
    • hand warmers
    • books and games
    • Solar powered flashlight
    • Propane Camping Stove
    • Drinking water

1. Light source

It is advisable to invest in several light sources. This includes

    • Candles (+ associated candlesticks)
    • lighters
    • matches
    • tea lights
    • flashlights
    • lanterns

Candles and tealights are inexpensive and provide good light (and even some warmth).

However, it is also dangerous to have them in the house if there are small children running around. And, of course, candles pose an obvious fire hazard.

For this reason, directional lights like flashlights and omnidirectional (emits radiation in all directions) lights like lanterns might be a smarter idea.

Be sure to buy multiple lights and extra batteries for each one.

Another idea is to invest in a headlamp that provides directional light like a flashlight while freeing both hands for other tasks.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
There are many light sources that can provide you with enough light for the evening. Some examples are candles (+ matching candlesticks), lighters, matches, tea lights, flashlights and lanterns.

2. Emergency radio

Access to news and weather updates is vital, and in a blackout scenario, cellular service and the internet are likely to be disabled as well.

For this reason, you should invest in a quality emergency radio, preferably one that is lightweight and compact for easy portability.

One of the best ways to power your radio is to purchase a solar-powered unit. Solar panels are an excellent way to generate electricity from light and they can be used in a variety of ways.

There are many options when it comes to solar power for radios. The first option is a battery with a rechargeable battery and solar panels that will power your radio without the need.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
Go for a radio that comes with a rechargeable battery with solar panels and a crank to manually charge the battery and AA batteries. So you have several options to power it.

I’m pretty happy with my Kaito Emergency Radio. It uses removable batteries or I can charge the built-in battery using the hand crank, solar panel or USB charging port.

With the multiple built-in flashlights and the ability to charge my phone when needed, I think it’s a no-brainer and a must-have in any emergency kit.

3. Hand warmers

When the power goes out in cold weather, the air in your home gets cold quickly and it’s important to be prepared. Therefore, buy hand and foot warmers so that your hands and feet do not freeze.

I recommend you and your family just buy a whole box.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
Keep your hands warm with hand warmers! A warm hand will do wonders for your mood and attitude.

4. Books, games and entertainment sources

Books, board games, a simple deck of cards, and other sources of entertainment are nice. They will help you and your family to boost morale in an emergency.

The distraction might buy you a good few hours and the games will take your mind off the disaster.

5. Solar-powered flashlight

One of the best types of flashlights is a rechargeable solar-powered flashlight. These flashlights use solar panels to charge, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries.

Alternatively, you can opt for a solar-powered lantern that provides omnidirectional light.

There is no such thing as the “best” solar lantern. They all have their own pros and cons and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I like the LuminAid inflatable solar lantern the best. It’s easy to use, lightweight and can even charge your phone.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
The best solar-powered flashlight must be able to recharge quickly and also provide a beam of light that is bright and wide enough.

6. Propane Camping Stove

If you can’t use your electric stove or microwave and the food in your fridge is going bad, you’ll need to use other methods of cooking.

A small propane camping stove is an affordable and efficient option.

And the good thing is that you have such a Camping stove that can also be used indoors.

Invest in an extra gas cartridge too. In addition to stoves and cartridges, also have cans of soup, pasta, or freeze-dried food that don’t take up too much space and that you can easily prepare during an emergency.

There are many different brands and designs of propane gas burners. I recommend keeping it simple and a few single Gas cartridges from Primus and at least one burner to buy that is screwed to it.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
The Primus Essential Trail Stove is a small and high-quality, lightweight and robust camping stove. It’s not just for camping – it’s also great for caravans, boats, cabins, cottages, beach houses, etc.

7. Drinking water

Plan to have at least 2.5 litres of water per person per day in your house.

If you are a family of about four and want to store enough water for a week, then you should store at least 70 litres of water.

This water is used both for drinking and for personal hygiene. Store the water in buckets, or jugs canisters on.

Write down the date you bottled the water and plan to change it at least every six months.

7 Essential Items For A Blackout / Power Outage
Store your water cool and protected from light.


Power outages can occur several times a year for various reasons, e.g. B. by lightning, accidents, gas crises and even construction work. It makes sense to prepare for this.

You never know when you may need to evacuate your home or office in an emergency.

It’s important to plan ahead and put together a “Black Out Bag” — a kit filled with all the necessary items.

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