Currency Post SHTF – Cash? Gold? Money? bitcoins?

What does the SHTF currency look like?

We all like to speculate, but it’s hard to really know what matters in which situation. It’s hard to imagine a time when cash is no longer king. However, if the currency is devalued by massive debt and inflation, we may see it in our lifetime.

Let’s take a moment to look at these four currencies and see which one will perform well in an SHTF scenario.

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At the very least, your emergency plans should include an emergency cash fund of $1,000. This fund should be kept in case of an emergency that would affect your finances.

In the near future, liquidity will help move things forward. A cash fund should be your first consideration before anything else.


While gold has long been the currency of the world, the price of gold is so high that it is difficult to use in practice. You would have a hard time buying food and supplies with gold.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, gold is currently above $1700 per ounce! This means you would need flakes to buy food or you would need a way to make a change. That’s a lot of moving parts for an SHTF barter.

I wouldn’t make gold a major player in your SHTF wealth profile unless you want to make some big purchases that you can secure.


The SHTF currency that makes the most sense to me is money. This gives you a value that can be used to buy most things. Equally, it’s easy to win significant prizes and it can make a big difference quickly.

At $15 per ounce (as of 04/26/2020) you can start saving today!


Bitcoin is everywhere lately. I don’t know where it goes but definitely takes Energy to use it. For this reason, it falls very low on the SHTF currency list!


The reality of a currency collapse can be quite different. It can be a skill, a job, or the human body itself. As sad as it is, in Venezuela women cross the Colombian territory to sell their bodies to feed their children.

It’s a real collapse. Pay special attention.

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