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Survival gear

Do you know what the most important survival equipment is?

The practice of adventure sports provides leisure, physical and mental health, self-knowledge and confidence to overcome the challenges that life presents us every day. But it is only able to bring us all these benefits if there is a good dose of planning before the adventure begins.

Therefore, one of the fundamental steps for any successful expedition is the choice of a series of survival equipment, which cannot be missing from any adventurer’s luggage.

If you still have doubts about how to assemble your selection of essential items, just continue reading this post. We tell you everything!

Equipment and products necessary for survival


Having at least two different ways to produce fire is essential, such as matches, lighters and flintlocks. It will be necessary for you to warm up and to heat up your meals. Also, it can get you out of extremely complicated situations. The fire is capable of scaring away wild animals and the smoke will act as a beacon for search teams in case you get lost in the dense woods.


Without at least two sharp, practical and sturdy objects, your expedition is in serious danger of becoming a nightmare.

You’ll need a  machete to cut wood from your fire, cut your way through the woods and eventually defend yourself from animals. You should also have a  quality knife to cut food and clean animals that you eventually have to hunt, among many other survival situations.

Multi-tool pliers

Multi-tool pliers should also be in your backpack. With them, it is possible to cut ropes, wires and branches with ease and precision. They also offer a wide variety of blades, including saws, as well as essential tools for every adventurer, such as a can and bottle opener and screwdriver.


Even campers, who are properly equipped with tents, should take a tarp as a form of alternative shelter. It will be an important instrument of protection, mainly from the sun, rain and wind. The tarp will also work as an ally in the preservation of your outdoor equipment.


With a few meters of rope in your luggage, you will be able to assemble your protective tarpaulin, traps and hanging beds. They will also be needed to secure and hoist equipment. Despite being compact and lightweight, tactical ropes are made with special materials and technology, capable of withstanding tensions of over 200 kg.


A quality flashlight with a long-lasting battery is essential equipment for the adventurer’s survival. It will help you get around in the absence of natural light and won’t let you down even in the rain, as most are water-resistant. In addition, a  flashlight can make all the difference during a rescue, acting as a beacon.

First aid kit

There are first-aid kits for sale on the market, but nothing prevents you from building your own. In any case, it is important that it contains at least the following items:

  • gauze;
  • plasters;
  • bandages;
  • cotton;
  • disposable gloves;
  • antiseptic solution;
  • analgesics and antipyretics.

Thermal clothing

Even with a tropical region as a destination, depending on the time of year, temperatures drop a lot at night. If your expedition is carried out in a forest region, the tendency is that it will be even colder, since the sunlight is blocked by the treetops. Therefore, thermal clothes, made with material that retains body heat, cannot be missing from your backpack either.


In extreme situations,  human beings can survive up to 30 days without ingesting any food, but they are not able to withstand three days without water, which is responsible for the composition of 75% of our body.

It is recommended to drink about two litres a day. Depending on the destination and duration of the expedition, it is not always necessary to carry a large amount of water, as this would make the luggage very heavy. Find out before starting the adventure at which points along the way it will be possible to supply yourself with drinking water.

As it is an absolutely essential item, be prepared to deal with emergency situations. Bring purifiers to safely drink water from rivers and lakes and at least one large canteen to store it.


Adventure sports require a lot of energy. You must be well-fed to accomplish all that you set out to do and return home safely.

A tip is to give preference to canned foods. They have a long shelf life and the tins they are packaged in can be very useful. Energy bars should also equip your backpack, as they take up little space, are non-perishable and provide a lot of calories.

Attention to the quality of survival equipment

Leaving the comfort zone is an inherent condition of the practice of adventure sports. But there’s nothing special or interesting about getting into trouble or even risking your life away from civilization.

Therefore, as important as taking the necessary equipment with you, it is also essential to pay attention to the quality and state of conservation of each one of them before starting the expedition.

In various segments of survival equipment, there are certain brands that have become a world reference. This didn’t happen by accident.

For years, hundreds of thousands of adventurers around the world have actually verified the quality, functionality and usefulness of these products. They are more expensive, it is true, but they are eagerly consumed and coveted by those who want to return home safely and with great stories to tell.

So don’t rely on cheap products. Quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technology, functional design and durability are qualities that demand heavy investments on the part of manufacturers.

And if there’s one thing that’s certainly not worth skimping on, it’s your physical integrity. Assembling a  kit with shoddy survival gear will give a false sense of security that will crumble at the first mishap. And, make no mistake, they really can happen and you should be prepared.



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