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4 Questions & Answers about EDC Equipment

Have you ever been faced with an unforeseen event in your daily life and didn’t know how to get out of it? The light went out overnight, for example, and there was no way to change the light bulb in the dark. Or went out for a bike ride and a part came loose along the way.

Unexpected situations can happen at any time of the day, during the most common activities, and you need to be prepared. Want to know how? Creating your own EDC (EveryDay Carry)!

See in this post the importance of having EDC equipment and the tips on how to assemble your own kit to take (almost) anywhere, next to your body or in a bag. Check it out!

1. What is EDC (EveryDay Carry)?

The EveryDay Carry (“everyday equipment” in free translation) is nothing more than a kit with some items chosen by you to be taken wherever you need them. These objects help to get out of a moment of difficulty, even in risky situations.

The kits are usually chosen according to the daily needs of each one. They can have the most diverse tools, such as knives and pocket knives, flashlights, ropes, binoculars, multifunctional, etc.

2. How important is having a set like this?

The idea of ​​having an EDC always close by may be strange to many people, but it is always necessary to be prepared for any day-to-day obstacle, from the most common to emergencies.

Need to open a cardboard box, and cut a plastic or paper package? Use a pocket knife for this. That piece of furniture you bought online arrived dismantled; perfect situation to use a multitool. A blackout in the middle of the night? Use a flashlight from your EDC kit. See how useful they are?

3. How to choose your EDC equipment?

There is no single set of items. It can and should be customized to your needs. If you’re not one of those adventurers who like to camp and spend days in the woods, maybe an ax for chopping wood doesn’t need to be on your list.

However, if you use your bike as a means of transport, having an all-in-one will help you with your bike repair. Analyze your day-to-day and choose the right equipment for you. But there are some basic items that can be part of any EDC. See the list below!


A  pocket knife or knife can have many uses, such as opening boxes and letters, cutting ropes and wires, etc. In any case, you have to be very careful with your choice, especially regarding the type of blade.

Consider whether you need a  fixed or folding blade, and define its size and function. Anyway, the equipment should be useful to you. Ask for help in a specialized store to choose your ideal model.


Everyone has found themselves in a situation where the light went out or went into a poorly lit place. A flashlight will make you less vulnerable and can point the way forward.

Here it is also important to take into account the size,  light range and type of battery. Also consider the need for a  headlamp,  handheld,  or key fob.

Don’t forget to research durability and resistance to drops and water. After all, you don’t want to carry equipment that will let you down when you need it most, right?

First aid kit

Have you ever heard the expression that one person forewarned is worth two? Always having a  first aid kit with you can save your life or someone else’s. Carry bandages, antiseptics, anti-inflammatories and pain medication with you in case of minor injuries. Having this kit with you allows you to buy time to seek help.


There are numerous  MFPs with different functions. They can have can and bottle openers, saw blades, corkscrews, tweezers, pliers, and screwdrivers, among many other options.

Your daily activities and hobbies will show you which model is best. Do you like fishing or assembling furniture? Or just want a multi-tool to make small repairs? All this must be taken into account when choosing yours.


Who never needed a pen and, at the time, put their hands in their pockets and didn’t find anything? They are useful when you have to jot down a note or mark a place and even perform a function other than writing.

It may seem like a banal tip, but always have one with you. Pens won’t let you down as can happen, for example, with a cell phone without a battery.

bags and backpacks

Bags, backpacks, sheaths and fanny packs may seem obvious, but they are indispensable in organizing your EDC. Having your equipment separated by pockets and knowing where each one it helps you save time and act quickly.

It is even worth investing in a bag or backpack with divisions, and specific compartments and made of resistant but light material, to make transporting your EDC more practical and comfortable.

If you don’t always want to have a backpack with you, how about investing in cargo pants? Large pockets hold your kit items so your hands are free. This type of pants became very popular among those who have an EDC set because of the versatility of the piece.

Another solution would be to use the Molle system, known in Portuguese as Modular Light Transport System. It works like this: you have a base, which can be a vest, pants or backpack, and you can attach different compartments to carry everything you need in a practical and safe way.

4. How to use items safely?

Understanding how each of the equipment you carry works is essential to not jeopardize your safety or that of others. Remember that you will, in many cases, be carrying objects that can hurt if not used sensibly and responsibly.

It is necessary to respect the tool and not use it in unnecessary situations. In this way, you will also ensure a long service life for the equipment. Also, assess the real need to take all the items in your kit when you go out. Sometimes it will be necessary to adapt it according to your destination. You won’t be able to take a knife or pocketknife to the bank or nightclub, for example.

These are just some of the items and it’s up to you to assess what EDC equipment will be part of your kit. With that in mind, look for reputed brands and speciality stores so you don’t fall into traps. And remember: many people may question the need to have a set like this, but you know how important it is to always be prepared for any situation.



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