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Communication strategy in an emergency with the mobile phone

Imagine once again having to organize a life without a mobile phone or smartphone. Is this unthinkable? No As soon as we have energy problems, as soon as the communication systems go down, it can happen. 

However, you don’t need to think that far if you’re thinking about the right communication strategy. You should brace yourself.

Communication strategy tip: Two instead of one…

First of all: You need two mobile phones, not just one. The background is quickly explained: If one device fails, you have a backup. Naturally, in our daily lives, this seems trivial, but when war and chaos are everywhere, then a second phone will be next to impossible to get your hands on.

It is almost obvious that a mobile phone can fail. Contact with water is often enough to at least increase the risk. It is said that modern mobile phones are often protected. We doubt it, as no one can fully guarantee this.

  • What if you lose a cell phone? 
  • What if it falls and suddenly becomes inoperable? 

Or what happens if you are mugged and your cell phone is one of the stolen items? You see what we are getting at: a mobile phone is no guarantee that you will always be well taken care of.

Prevention is important

You need a second cell phone – for emergencies. Does this have to be expensive? We think not.

Since it is intended to help you survive an emergency, you certainly do not need a second-contract cell phone. A prepaid cell phone helps. This can also be very inexpensive.
What do you need? Not even the normal functions. They want and should be able to make calls and, if in doubt, send an SMS. These are the basic functions that must be available to you in a bad situation.

Of course, the mobile phone can do more, even if it is not one of the expensive devices: It should have a GPS function. 

You don’t need an internet connection for this, your mobile phone can display this without it.

Another aspect that is significantly more important in this context is your communication strategy:

The No. 2 mobile phone should be on a different network. What do you do when you only have one network available? 

Then you should at least have alternatives such as a crank radio. You should be independent of such an incalculable event.



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