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First aid tips for when SHTF

How long has it been since you took a first aid course? How long has it been since you even acquired theoretical knowledge?

Most of us are no longer adequately versed in matters of first aid. First aid is essential in an emergency. 

This includes that in certain cases you or third parties should under no circumstances intervene before something wrong is done. The ridge you are walking on here is narrow.

You should therefore also include first-aid tips in your repertoire for crisis management.

Essential first aid tips

If something happens in normal times without any particular influence, it is sufficient if you enter an emergency number. The 112 is the switchboard that always works nationwide – the process is simple:

  • Briefly inform about what happened, i.e. the course of events, and the situation.
  • Give your assessment of the situation of injured persons.
  • Provide as much information as possible about the location of the emergency: the location, street and house number are important, but information about access routes, the floor or similar can also help the rescue services.
  • Wait for questions and try to answer them calmly and as precisely as possible.

If you cannot make an emergency call, you should start with your possible immediate measures. 

This includes that you should first address the person concerned. They can react confused, with anxiety, aggressively or similarly. 

One of the most important points of first aid: Despite everything, never put yourself in danger.

If the person is unconscious, place them in the recovery position

This is quite simple: the legs and one arm should be bent, and the second arm is placed in front. 

This simply prevents the person from having to swallow their own liquid and possibly choking on it.

In the following video you can see 1 hour of first-aid training:



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