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1663107485 Gk Pro 97000KT Thigh Plate Test TACTICAL GEAR

Gk Pro 97000KT Thigh Plate Test [TACTICAL GEAR]

This article was written anonymously by a serving law enforcement officer.

When you are a law enforcement officer, the staffing equipment may be limited or lack daily practicality.

Police and Constables are provided with a Safariland branded double retention kydex holster that goes on the belt.

This configuration may be suitable for a number of scenarios, but during an intervention the quantity of equipment to be carried is quite substantial and fills the belt to the point that the seated position in the vehicle or the standing station quickly becomes uncomfortable (due to the pressure exerted on the the latter by the bulletproof vest).

On top of that, since this makes certain items more difficult to access, the use of a thigh offset then becomes more than relevant.

Many brands manufacture them, but to use GK equipment on a daily basis, whose durability and manufacturing quality I was able to appreciate, I naturally turned to them.


The product is delivered in a zipped plastic pocket.

It contains the plate with straps, adaptation screws and a hexagonal wrench.

This thigh plate is:

  • 2 elastic comfort straps with clip closure
  • Adjustable and detachable belt extension
  • Fastening to the belt by loop with hook-and-loop closure
  • Ambidextrous port
  • Delivered without case

Assembly is quick and easy, you need:

  • Remove the 3 screws on the back of the Safariland holster to separate the holster itself from its belt loop plate
  • Position the holster on the thigh plate and replace the screws
  • Put the Velcro belt loop on the belt
  • Fix the plate
  • Adjust thigh straps and clip

And here is the work, time of the operation: less than 10 minutes taking your time.

In addition, you can attach support for a telescopic protective baton to the front or, instead of the pistol holster, you can put a holster for the taser or a flashlight holder.

Its advantages

But before being able to wear it in service, you must have passed the validation firings in the stand under the supervision of a professional intervention monitor.

His advantages :

  • Frees up belt space
  • Facilitates driving comfort by avoiding the discomfort caused by the pressure of the seat belt on the case when worn on the belt.
  • Allows for a faster draw.
  • Greater modularity by attaching additional items.
  • Comfortable thigh straps.
  • The detachable belt loop allows quick un-equipment.
  • Reasonable price: 60 € (important data because it is a piece of equipment not provided by the administration and therefore paid with personal funds – but comfort at a price).
  • Thanks to the multiple perforations and grooves, it accepts other brands than Safariland or Gk by adapting the screws.

Its disadvantages:

  • Wearing it on the thigh can interfere with getting out of the vehicle (catching on the steering wheel)
  • The belt loop would be even more comfortable if it were double because it would offer a better distribution of the load (A loaded SIG is 1 kg if we add the holster and the pole, we are practically at 2 kg)
  • It lacks slightly longer screws to adapt the stick holder.
Gk Pro 97000kt Thigh Plate Test [tactical Gear]

My conclusion after testing

After more than 2 years of daily use, no regrets about my choice.

The thigh straps (whose hold over time was my main fear) have not lost their support and only show superficial wear.

In short, it’s a good product, affordable, which allows you to last in the field with increased comfort and efficiency.



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