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crossbow hunting

How to choose the right crossbow?

Although not considered a weapon of war for centuries, the crossbow remains an excellent sporting weapon. Today we can find an abundance of offers on the market and it is sometimes difficult to choose. However, certain criteria allow you to choose the best crossbow.

Decide what type of crossbow to buy

When choosing a crossbow, you will be able to choose from different models. The selection will be made basically according to your level.

If you are just starting out with recreational shooting, choose a classic crossbow. Thanks to its elegant design, it offers excellent grip and is easy to maintain. Characterized by its rusticity that makes it a robust and imposing weapon, it usually consists of a simple bow, body, trigger mechanism and string. Easy handling with one hand, guarantees safe handling.

If you are looking for a weapon with a small bow, then opt for a  compound crossbow. Admittedly, it is a difficult model to set up at the beginning. But rest assured that handling goes smoothly. Compound crossbows, also called compound, are generally used for sport shooting or hunting. Despite their small size, they are very powerful and produce more energy than conventional models.

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Check the power of the crossbow

Today, crossbows sold on the market have a power that varies between 50 and 200 Ibs. There are more powerful models that you can afford at a good price. However, note that strength in Ibs can sometimes be misleading. For a better orientation when choosing, it is recommended to start from kinetic energy.

Contrary to what some people think, crossbow power is not selected by character type or level. The choice takes place rather than taking into account the activity that the person wants to practice with the weapon. In any case, it is important to know that the higher the power, the faster the arrow will hit its target with much more force.

For garden target shooting, you can settle for a 50 to 100 pound crossbow, for example. Depending on the distance, you can choose a more powerful model. This will give you the confidence to reach the speed you need to cover the distance you want. On the other hand, if you want to do sport shooting, hunting dear and/or use it to protect yourself in an SHTF situation, opt for a heavy crossbow with high performance.



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