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how to cut down a tree safely

How to cut down a tree safely

Did you know that the right way to feel a tree can make all the difference in terms of safety? Felling a tree is never an easy task, no matter how experienced you are. However, if you use the right techniques and tools, you can certainly get the job done.

Whether it’s grown too close to another structure or has been weakened by disease or insects, knowing how to safely fell a tree will give you peace of mind. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this (with permission) without putting yourself (or others) at risk. If you are looking to remove a specific tree or reduce the risk it poses, read on to learn everything you need to know about felling a tree safely…

Assess the risk

Before sinking knee-deep in sawdust, you should assess the risk. To do this, you can take into account the size of the tree, its state of health, proximity to other structures and other factors. The size depends on how long the work will take.

Also, the health of the tree will determine the best method for felling. When it comes to proximity, consider standing in an area where others may be at risk. For example, if it could fall onto a sidewalk or street, you should remove it as soon as possible.

Hire a professional tree cutter

If you are unsure whether you can safely cut a tree, it is best to hire a professional arborist. An arborist has the skills and knowledge to remove a tree safely and efficiently. An added bonus is that they are fully insured for their work, so you can rest assured that you will not be held liable for any accidents or damage that may occur.

When hiring a professional, you should inquire about the following points:

  • What steps are taken to remove the tree
  • Every arborist has their own method of getting the job done. Make sure you are okay with this method and that it will not cause any harm.
  • Required Permits
  • Depending on the health of the tree and its proximity to buildings, you may need a permit to remove the tree.

The right tool

The best way to remove a tree depends on its species. What is best for one tree can be disastrous for another. For example, if you have a deciduous tree, it will be exposed to changing weather conditions. In cold weather, consider using a tree spade to allow the tree to slowly grow out of its root system.

With conifers, on the other hand, it is best to use a root saw as these trees do not have growing seasons.

If you have an ornamental tree, e.g. B. a cherry tree, you should use a high-quality tree saw.

How do you prune a tree?

There are several ways to fell a tree. Which method you choose depends on the size, condition and type of tree. You can cut it down with a pruning saw, a chainsaw, or a spade (spade).

  • pruning saw:

A pruning saw is used for cutting larger trees (up to eight inches in diameter). You can use a tree saw for both deciduous and coniferous trees. However, for safety reasons, it is better to use them on deciduous trees, as the vibration and noise that a chainsaw makes can damage surrounding trees.

  • Chainsaw:

When felling a tree with a chainsaw, it is best to use a tree spade. This protects the soil from compaction. Before you begin, make sure the soil is dry to prevent the blades from clogging.

When using a chainsaw, keep these safety tips in mind: Stay alert, focused, and alert because fatigue can make you careless. Wear the right clothes. Protect your eyes, ears and hands because you’re bound to get a little dirty. Don’t let thirst distract you as it can lead to an accident. While it’s tempting to watch your kids at work with a trained chainsaw operator, it’s best to keep them away.

In order to always be well prepared in emergency situations, you should always have a chainsaw at hand. However, this is very unwieldy. However, there is a handy variant, the pocket chainsaw.

  • Groundbreaking:

You can also use a spade to efficiently and safely remove small trees (under eight inches). This tool can be used to remove ornamental trees and shrubs.


Once you cut down the tree, you must eliminate the consequences. This includes removing the stump and cleaning up the sawdust.

When you chop down a tree with a spade, a stump is left behind. You can remove the stump with a stump grinder or have a professional remove it. A stump grinder can be used to break up the sawdust and clean up the area. Alternatively, you can add the sawdust to your compost heap.

You can also use the wood to make firewood.


Cutting down a tree can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the experience. However, there are several ways to safely and efficiently remove a tree, regardless of its size.

Before sinking knee-deep in sawdust, it is worth checking its health status and its proximity to other buildings. Once felled, you must properly dispose of the sawdust, remove the stump, and clean the area.

Remember that the right way to fell a tree can make all the difference when it comes to tree safety.



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