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picking a lock

How to open a lock with a paper clip?

In an emergency, this easy method will definitely come in handy.

You no longer need to search for keys to open locks. All you need is three little things, a strong will and practice. After learning, the doors will basically open on their own.

First, simple preparation

You only need a few small things to unlock the padlock. These are two ordinary staples and pliers to bend them into the right shape. The size of the paper clips is not that important, but the width should be such that the paper clips fit through the keyhole. Of course, they also need to be long enough to insert them into the lock, hold the tip and turn them.

Creating a bundle

After preparation, a paper clip is used to open the lock. To do this, unroll the larger part of the paper clip until it is long and straight. 

During manipulation, some locksmiths slightly curve the end of the clip to open the door more quickly. It is needed to press the pins so that the teeth in the lock can be pressed down more quickly. However, it is not necessary, it can suit everyone differently.

The second staple in the form of a crowbar

Unfold both folds on the other paper clip so that two straight wires with a bow at the end are formed. On the opposite side, make a 90° bend about 1 cm long. You can also straighten the end of the paperclip so that the straight part forms a 90° angle. This is the easiest way to open the padlock yourself using a paper clip.

Quite often, only the interior door lock can be opened using paper clips and studs. A lot also depends on the age of the house, the door and, of course, the type of lock. Doing this under pressure also does not contribute to a successful unlock. 

It may happen that one of the clips breaks during unlocking. This is usually due to the fact that you lose your head, are stressed and use a lot of force during the activity. However, you will certainly have your pockets full of buds and with gradual practice, you will destroy them as little as possible.



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