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Is it ever too late to prepare for a crisis?

Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

It’s beneficial to have a plan for emergencies, and you never know when they might happen.

So many events happen every day with little or no notice. It is difficult to predict when a crisis is imminent.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could see IT coming? Wouldn’t you rather be prepared and have the tools to deal with whatever the world throws at you?

I’ve compiled the 5 most common warning signs that show when a crisis is on the way!

The unthinkable has already happened during the COVID pandemic

Do you remember the time two years ago, when whole countries started because everyday life covid gradually shut down?

You couldn’t travel to other countries, not even to another federal state. There were even curfews!

That was unthinkable and yet it happened within a few days.

Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

Then toilet paper and pasta ran out, and most began hiding in their homes.

As I reflect on the past two years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there may very well come a time when it’s too late to prepare.

The important difference between survival and prepping

I know some of you might survive because of your skills and location. Others prepare for so long that you could easily lie down for months.

Survival is what happens after an event, and there are all sorts of creative ways to survive and make ends meet day after day.

Prepping works differently. Prepping (preparing) means taking action in advance and being proactive so that you are ready when a crisis situation arises.

Your preparations are now paying off to mitigate the impact of this event.

Here are the warning signs I think are important to signal that it’s too late to prepare.

Five Warning Signs It’s Too Late to Prepare

Here are the signs that now is the time to hole up with everything you own, wherever you are.

Connect with close friends and family and prepare for what is to come.

Warning sign #1: You no longer have easy access to your money

    • Long queues in front of the bank, people queuing early in the day to make transactions
    • Banks limit withdrawal amounts
    • Limited bank opening hours
    • The ATM is running out of cash
    • New government regulations restricting cash withdrawals or other types of transactions
Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

Warning Sign #2: It’s harder or impossible to simply travel

    • The government regulates the sale of fuel and sets the maximum kilometres driven
    • Gasoline prices are getting so expensive that travelling is no longer worthwhile
    • Checkpoints are established between states, states, or even counties to ensure regulations are enforced
    • When freedom of movement becomes almost impossible, survival also becomes impossible.
    • A journey to your Bug Out Location is no longer possible due to the measures
Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

Warning Sign #3: Ordinary purchases are harder to make

    • Food is becoming scarce increase number of empty store shelves
    • More competition for goods and services
    • The prices skyrocket until even the basics are no longer affordable
    • Restrictions on purchases imposed by retailers or government agencies
    • A black market develops
    • Due to bottlenecks and regulations, you can’t even stock up on the basics anymore
Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

Red flag #4: The financial markets are going crazy

    • Days of uncertainty turn into a spiral causing people to panic
    • e.g. B. A stock market drop of 30% or more of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in less than 10 days
    • incipient “bail-ins” (depositor funds are used to repay insolvent banks)
    • the collapse of the bond market
Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

Warning Sign #5: Riots break out

    • Looting/riots spread to the nearby towns
    • Crime and lawlessness rise and reach ‘tipping point
    • racist violence
    • class violence
Is It Ever Too Late To Prepare For A Crisis?

As you can see, these 5 warning signs signal the end of easy or quick preparation.

I don’t have a crystal ball to tell if any of these warning signs will materialize or when they might.

But all 5 signs are very easy to imagine. Since Corona and the Ukraine war, you are no longer in the realm of crazy conspiracy theories.

We’ve all seen too many of these theories turn out to be 100% true.

Ultimately, it comes down to your attention. Awareness of such events is ESSENTIAL.

It’s also essential to go with your gut feeling through all of this. If you or someone in your family or group is “not feeling good” about what is coming, then that should also be a valid triggering event.

Is it ever too late to prepare for a crisis?

It’s never too late to prepare for a crisis. Even if you’ve lived in denial or tried to avoid the topic altogether, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable.

You don’t need a lot of time or money for this. Just start with a few small preparations and you can be on your way.

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency. One of the most basic steps you can take is making sure your home has enough water supplies and food supplies.

But preparing for a crisis isn’t just about stocking up on food and water. It’s also about having the mental and physical ability to deal with the stress that comes with a disaster.


I’ve shown you my own five warning signs when it’s too late to prepare.

I hope my thoughts give you food for thought and help you refine your own preparedness plans and that we never have to deal with any of these types of events.

But I will never stop preparing just in case!



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