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Magnetic LED beacons – Test and feedback

I had been eyeing a pack of magnetic LED beacons for a while.

What’s the point ? To report in case of emergency, a road accident or even my dog ​​when I walk him at night!

More seriously, it’s very useful for your EDV (Every Day Vehicle – Car emergency module).

After some research on the internet the prices vary from USD150 to … USD250 (lol).

Well, by digging around a bit, I found it for USD100 on Amazon.

What is an LED Beacon?

You have probably all seen, in American films, the officers of the Highway Patrol laying tubes that burn on the ground to divert traffic: this is the system of hazard warning lights… oh so faithful friends of our soccer friends in the grandstands!

Well there, it’s the same use, but with a resistant roller lined with LEDs that flash according to the desired mode.

It emits no heat and is equipped with a magnet allowing it to be attached to any metal object.



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