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Miso, Meso & Macro. Which Level of Prepper Are You?

If you’re anything like me, you find the concept of prepping not just fascinating but an absolute necessity in today’s world.

Preppers, as you probably know, are individuals who plan and prepare for potential future disasters. The disaster could be anything: a natural calamity, an economic collapse, or even a societal breakdown. But did you know there are different levels of prepping?

We have the Miso, the Meso, and the Macro. Let’s explore each one in detail and maybe by the end of this post, you’ll figure out which one you are.

The Miso Prepper

Miso preppers, the first level, are the ones most people might be familiar with. They focus on immediate, short-term disasters, those that last for a few days to a week. Picture this, a snowstorm has hit, power lines are down, and the local grocery store is closed. As a Miso prepper, you’d already have a supply of canned food, drinking water, warm blankets, a first-aid kit, and most importantly, a plan.

But being a Miso prepper isn’t only about surviving that snowstorm. It’s about adapting your daily lifestyle. Maybe it means learning how to grow your vegetables or picking up basic wilderness survival skills. As a Miso prepper, the key is to start small, but dream big.

The Meso Prepper

Next up, we have the Meso preppers. These folks take prepping to a whole new level. Their goal is to be ready for medium-term disasters, those that can last from a few weeks to a couple of months. Picture the same snowstorm, but it lasts for an entire month.

As a Meso prepper, you’re not just thinking about a stash of canned goods and blankets. You’re considering sustainable food sources, like a greenhouse or livestock. You might be learning about off-grid energy sources, like solar panels or wind turbines.

I knew a Meso prepper once who started a beekeeping hobby, not only for the honey but also for the benefits of pollination in his fruit and vegetable garden. Now, that’s the kind of forward-thinking you need as a Meso prepper!

The Macro Prepper

Finally, we have the Macro preppers, the most dedicated group of survivalists. These folks are ready for long-term disasters, ones that can last for years or even indefinitely. Think post-apocalyptic scenarios: meteor strikes, nuclear fallouts, or pandemics that wipe out large parts of the population.

Being a Macro prepper means developing skills and resources that will allow you to survive and rebuild society from scratch. It means stockpiling not just food and medicine, but also knowledge: how to purify water, how to deliver a baby, how to build a house – basically, how to start civilization anew.

Remember, being a Macro prepper doesn’t mean living in constant fear of doomsday. Instead, it’s about embracing the ultimate form of self-sufficiency and independence.

Which One Are You?

So, are you a Miso, Meso, or Macro prepper? Maybe you’re just getting started on your prepping journey, or perhaps you’ve been a long-time survivalist who’s ready for anything. Whichever level you’re at, remember that prepping isn’t about the end of the world; it’s about beginning a more mindful, self-reliant life.

Remember, every prepper was once a beginner. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of preparation that seems to be required.