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Outdoor backpack

Outdoor backpack: what do you have to pay attention to?

Have you ever thought about what you would take with you if you had to leave your house within 10 minutes? Which bag is useful, stable and comfortable to carry? 

This question is not easy to answer because in such moments one cannot think clearly and rationally. Therefore we would like to help you today and give you some tips for your outdoor backpack.

It all starts with the outdoor backpack. You should always have a perfectly packed backpack ready to hand for emergencies and, above all, it should be tailored to you. We will go into more detail about the content and the packing order in the next few days.

Much or little storage space in your outdoor backpack?

There is no right size for an outdoor backpack. We recommend trying different sizes of outdoor backpacks on longer trips. With the appropriate weight, you will quickly find that less is more – your outdoor backpack should never be too bulky (or packed too much).

  • No big outdoor backpacks
  • 50 litre backpacks are enough for taller people

It is often thought long enough whether you should have many or few pockets on your backpack. We think the less, the better. If in doubt, we wouldn’t even keep important ID documents in the outer compartment. There, every attacker suspects that you may have money in it. There is almost nothing that you need to find within a few seconds.

Here you can find out how to find the right size for your outdoor backpack.

You should also pay attention to these 4 things:

  • straps

The straps on your outdoor backpack should be of high quality and comfortable. You will have to carry this backpack on your shoulders for a very long time and if the straps cut into your shoulders you will soon be in excruciating pain. It is best to choose an outdoor backpack with padded straps to be on the safe side.

  • zippers

You will use the zips very often during this time and this also leads to a high level of wear and tear. Therefore, the zippers on your outdoor backpack should be of high quality. It’s very annoying when the zips break on the run and your backpack is permanently open. It will rain and things could fall out unnoticed.

  • Schnallen

Some outdoor backpacks also have buckles attached. The same applies to the zippers. It would be annoying if these broke and you couldn’t fix them.

  • backpack material

The quality of your backpack material should be very high. An example would be that the backpack does not rip with slightly heavier items. In addition, the individual compartments in your outdoor backpack should be sewn up well so that the items you have put in don’t get lost.


Haversacks are small shoulder bags measuring between 30×50 cm or 60×60 cm. They are often made of leather or sturdy fabric.

You can use it to stow the items that you need all the time and don’t want to stow in your backpack. A Haversack is like your “wallet” for the most important things in the wilderness: from knives to fire-making equipment.

My tip: Haversacks should be water-repellent and made of waxed cotton or self-waxed canvas. These are available from USD 30 upwards.



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