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store wood for the winter

Storing wood: How to prepare for the winter

In northern climates, cold and snow can make storing firewood difficult. If you store wood near your home, it may attract pests or be exposed to moisture. 

Even indoors, storing wood is not always an option, especially if you are short on space. Luckily, there are a number of effective solutions for storing firewood during the winter months. Keep these tips and tricks in mind to keep your firewood dry and accessible year-round.

There are several reasons why you should store your wood outdoors and not indoors: Wood stored indoors can be more attractive to bugs and rodents as they can nest in the small spaces between logs, which is what it also makes it easier for them to find food in winter when such food sources are not as readily available outside.

Only store dry wood

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of stored firewood, but also one of the most easily solved problems. If you have recently purchased firewood or have a stack that has been softened by rain, snow or ice, you should ensure that the wood is thoroughly dried before storing it.

To do this, you can put the wood in an open area (preferably not where you intend to store it since the wood will be difficult to access while it dries) and leave it for several weeks while the rain and snow melt. It is also advisable not to stack the logs on the ground so that air can circulate from all sides. If you can stack the logs on pallets or put them on a piece of plywood, that’s even better. If the wood is stacked on the ground, it will inevitably get damp from the ground below.

Use wood storage boxes

There are many different ways to store wood. You can use wood storage boxes, which are usually made of durable plastic and come in a variety of sizes. These are especially helpful if you are storing a lot of wood that has already been split as they prevent the pieces from falling out. Here we explain how you can best produce firewood and what is important when beating wood.

If you use plastic boxes to store wood, you should make sure that they are stored in a shady place so that the wood does not get too wet. Boxes made of other materials, e.g. B. made of metal, are more suitable if they are stored indoors.

Another option is to buy a firewood rack. These can be very helpful if you live in a more urban area and don’t have a lot of space to store wood. 

They can be very large depending on how much wood you want to store. They’re a good option if you only need to store the wood for a few months because you can bring it in during periods of extremely cold weather.

Store wood above ground

If you have the space to store wood above ground, this is an excellent way to protect it from the elements. You can use pallets, wood or metal shelving, or build a structure to keep the wood off the floor. Storing wood above ground is a good idea if you live in a particularly humid climate, as it allows water to drain freely from the wood.

Keep in mind that wood stored above ground can be much more accessible to pests. If you notice rodents or insects in your stored wood, you can place a bag of peppermint leaves nearby to keep them away.

Store wood in a shed

A shed is also a good place to store wood, especially if you live in a very humid climate. A shed is helpful if you want to protect the wood from the elements and pests. Many people also use a shed to store their lawn and garden tools, so it can be a very useful addition to your property.

If you store your firewood in a shed, make sure it stays dry and clean. You may also want to put a tarp or plastic sheeting on the bottom of the shed to protect the wood from moisture that may seep in through the floor.

Build a covered outdoor storage area

If you have a large amount of lumber to store, you may consider building a covered outdoor storage facility. This is a good way to keep the wood dry and safe from pests, but it can be more work than storing it above ground or in a shed. 

You can build this construction out of wood or metal. If you choose wood, be sure to seal it well to protect it from moisture. If you build the structure from metal, you can paint it to protect it from rust.


Now that you know how to properly store firewood, you can be sure that you will always have a good source of heat and energy. 

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your firewood dry and accessible year-round. It is best to store firewood outdoors where it will be protected from the elements and pests and where you can access it more easily when needed.



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