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Survival Essentials

Survival Gear: Stay prepared

Given the unstable situation in the world around us, the topic of survival preparation has increased significantly recently. We must hoard and store survival supplies to protect our loved ones from danger and starvation, and that is a strong and almost compelling desire for most of us. While we hope we never need these items or survival gear, it’s important to have a few things on hand just in case.

What is survival gear?

Without really good, high-quality survival equipment, it will be difficult for any of us “mere mortals” to survive a survival expedition. With the help of this list of the best survival gear, survival in absolute emergencies is ensured. At this point, it should only be briefly mentioned that a person can hardly survive longer than three days without drinking water. And only a few know that the chances of survival often drop drastically after just a few hours if the body temperature is too low or too high.

In other words: It is, therefore, advisable to take more than too little of an item with you. Quality and weight are also important here. The heavier, the more difficult it is to progress in the wild. At this point, each of us has to find our own compromise solution. No ifs and buts. Everyone should put together their own survival equipment in the best possible way.

What survival gear do you need?

However, some important items should be taken with you. The decisive factor here is that you can also handle the equipment well. What good is the best knife if you can’t work properly with it?

All equipment is ultimately only as good or bad as you can handle in practice. Especially for beginners: take your time and do different dry exercises with each object.

Now let’s take a closer look at some items, other than the obvious ones like water and food, of your survival gear.

Survival Messer:

Let’s start with THE tool of all tools, the survival knife. Ultimately, you should be able to do many things with the perfect knife, for example:

  • saw off branches
  • carve wood
  • Cut strings
  • sharpen sticks

These are just a few things that you can do with a really high-quality and robust knife. Basically, the knife is almost the most important item in survival equipment.

A saw:

Without a good saw, you should not plan a longer stay in the forest. Above all, the saw should be robust and also easy to carry. The basic decision must be made in advance as to which saw it should be.

Our survival experts recommend a hand chain saw or a wire saw for your survival equipment. Both are very handy and fit perfectly in any pocket.

  • hand chainsaw

The hand chain saw is perfect for your survival equipment because it is very useful and light. You can use it to cut through branches or thin tree trunks. In addition, it is stable and easy to use.

  • wire saw

The wire saw is perfect for emergencies and should be part of your escape backpack. It even fits in your pocket and its performance is often underestimated. You can also use it to cut branches and sticks.


A paracord bracelet is a must-have for your survival gear. Paracord became known as a particularly strong rope because it is mainly used as a parachute line. The nylon is tear-resistant and extremely resilient, so it can be loaded with greater weight. The huge advantage besides this practical function is that it is very light, lasts a long time and basically requires no maintenance.

This bracelet contains fire steel, a long rope and a compass, all packed into a practical and wearable 3-in-1 bracelet. The fire steel ignites a fire in no time. The long rope is great for tying down gear, and the compass ensures you don’t get lost. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or on the run, a paracord bracelet is sure to come in handy in your survival


Most of the time, the whistle is not considered really important. Still, you can save lives. An emergency call can thus be made acoustically. In an emergency situation, to make matters worse, the voice often fails. Therefore, the whistle is an important part of your survival gear.

Compass and map:

What do you do when the power goes out and you can no longer use the Internet? In such situations, you rely on map and compass reading skills. This is the only way you can find your way to your goal.


What do you use to make light when it no longer works as usual? Your mobile phone battery is also not infinitely charged. The easiest option is to have a quality flashlight with different modes in your survival kit. For example, with our Lichtmeister 1000, you have 5 different modes. Among other things, an SOS signal if you urgently need help.

First aid kit:

An extensive first aid kit should not be missing from your survival equipment. Danger can lurk anywhere. Even just cutting your hand without sanitizing can have serious consequences. A first aid kit doesn’t take up much space in your backpack either.

Your three essentials for your stash


If something happened and all the shelves in the stores were empty, you would have to grow your own vegetables and fruits. Seeds are important in your survival kit because they ensure you never go hungry. It may take some work, but it will be worth it in the long run. What’s more, seeds are becoming an important item of exchange and can be exchanged for the things you are missing or want.

Considering that you can find various seed vaults to buy online, building seed stocks becomes a simple exercise. You could also harvest and store your own seeds, but this takes a little practice and a good knowledge of how long seeds can be stored and what the proper storage conditions are. Seeds are one of those survival essentials that should be high on your survival kit list, and you should only stockpile what grows in your area as you’re unlikely to farm too far from the home will.


Honey keeps forever and once it hardens (crystallizes) you just have to reheat it to soften it again. This is one of the survival tools in your survival gear.

It can be used as a secondary source of calories, it contains 64 calories per tablespoon, which is very useful in an emergency when calories are hard to come by. In addition to being an important source of calories, honey is also very nutritious as it contains many vitamins your body needs to function properly, such as B6, A, C, D, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium and calcium.

Honey can also be used as a topical antibiotic. Due to its high sugar content, it stops bacteria from growing while killing the rest. It can be heated (not hot, just warm) and applied to wounds, burns, or skin infections. It becomes a valuable alternative healing method when no doctor can help you. It also calms coughs and has much other healing uses that people have relied on for generations.

More so, honey can be used to preserve food and in some parts of Africa, they use honey to preserve raw meat. I once ate smoked meat that had been marinated in honey for two years and there was nothing wrong with it. Except that it tasted a little sweet, which is normal considering the meat had been marinated in honey for two years.


Given its obvious use as a comforter, vodka is essential in an emergency and should be a part of your survival kit. If a worst-case scenario happened, you would eventually run out of supplies and would have to start trading and bartering with others. One thing that will be scarce by then and desired by many is vodka. Maybe you can trade it for something your family can use: batteries, seeds, food, medical supplies, etc.

Vodka can be used as an antiseptic. Put some on a cloth and use it to clean your wounds and cuts. It can also be used to disinfect items that you will use for various healing procedures on your body. You can soak the tool in vodka for about 10 minutes and that’s all it takes to have a sterile tool.

It can be used for pain relief. If you’re injured and need some quick pain relief while you wait for the healing process to begin, then a shot or two of vodka will help keep the pain at bay. People used to use it to relieve mouth pain and some people still use it today because it is cheaper than medicine.

Conclusion on survival equipment

With these items for your survival equipment, you are very well prepared for emergencies. So start packing your backpack and learn new skills.



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