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gerber Survival knife

Survival knife: What you should know

Knives are essential to survival in numerous situations. You should learn about knives and how to use them if at least you can’t rule out having to survive in the wilderness one day. 

There are special survival knives that offer you different functions. Below we look at some important factors.

Knives for survival

Basically, a survival knife could also be a smaller, non-specialized knife. Since there is no jungle in most first-world countries, you usually don’t have to cut a path through the dense forests. Nevertheless, you need a knife that is suitable for use against plants. 

It should also be possible to cut through sticks and branches – whether for further processing or not – with your survival knife.

You should also practice and train how to use your knife in order to be prepared for an emergency.

The most important rules for your survival knife

  • It should have a maximum blade of 12 cm if you are in the EU – anything else would not be legally permitted. Unless war scenario, then you do whatever is needed.
  • There are also technical requirements that have to be met. This includes that the blade should be as strong as possible – a folding knife is not always suitable for this purpose.
  • The knife should have a blade with a minimum hardness of 58 HRC and a maximum of 62 HRC. The blade should therefore stand up well to use, even if it hits harder material.
  • The blade must be able to be resharpened fairly well – a requirement that will definitely be essential for any lengthy wilderness survival.
  • The knife must sit comfortably and firmly in your hand. That’s why you should try a survival knife yourself or if in doubt, send it back if you bought it online. A knife whose handle does not suit you optimally will not help.
  • Finally, to do this, we recommend a holster, ideally attached to the belt that holds your knife. It’s no use if the knife isn’t within reach but is still well protected.

From our experience, such knives cost around USD 100. But it is of little use if you save it in the wrong place. We recommend spending 10 or 20% more to survive if possible.

I personally the Gerber Bear Grylls knife, and I think it’s an amazing knife. If you are looking for something in the cheaper department, that can take a beating, then it’s a great choice. You can find better survival knives, but not at that price point. Not even close!



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