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Survival vs Bushcraft: What’s the Difference?

When talking about survival or bushcraft, there is often a debate about which is better. It is often assumed that one has to choose between the two. But are these statements true? Are they mutually exclusive? Or maybe they have more to do with each other than we realize?

An experienced bushcrafter is a person who knows how to survive in the wilderness. He knows how to build shelters, find drinking water and hunt for food. All of this can be achieved through the practice of bushcraft. When one thinks of wilderness survival, one imagines people stranded in the forests with no food, water, or shelter. These situations are best managed through a combination of practical skills and knowledge known as survival.

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is the art of living in the wild. It’s a skill that allows you to be self-sufficient in the great outdoors. It is more than just a hobby, but rather a way of life that is also becoming increasingly popular. Bushcraft focuses on learning skills that bring you closer to nature. In the past, people living in rural areas used these skills for a living. Today, bushcraft is all about the joy of being in nature. The goal is to understand and respect the natural world. This can be learned through bushcraft.

But bushcraft isn’t just about living in the wild, it’s also about preserving it. You respect the country and minimize your personal negative impact on it. It is also about using the gifts of nature instead of trying to fight them. They will use the sun, the water and the wind to help you on your journey. It’s about understanding your environment and being part of it.

What is survival?

Survival is the practice of possessing the skills, knowledge, and equipment to survive in any situation that can cause harm or even death. These people are trained in the skills and how to use your equipment. They know all the tricks needed to survive in any kind of dangerous situation.

They practice these skills and knowledge to prevent death or harm. It’s not just about being stranded in the woods, it’s about being able to prevent any kind of emergency. Preparation is everything, as you know! So you can use these skills to avoid accidents, take care of yourself or prepare for an emergency. Survival also includes practising emergency preparedness – this means having a plan for various emergencies such as natural disasters and power outages.

Why is the confusion so great?

The confusion often stems from the fact that both disciplines can be practised in the wild or in a natural setting. It may also stem from the fact that both disciplines have survival as part of their popular meaning. The main difference lies in the objectives of the two disciplines.

Bushcraft tries to get as close to nature as possible. Bushcraft practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills to get as close to nature as possible. On the other hand, people who practice survival are equipped with the knowledge and skills to survive in any situation. If you are in a survival situation, try to survive.

Conclusion: What are the differences?

So the biggest difference lies in the focus of the disciplines: Survival practitioners want to get to safety in every situation. Bushcraft practitioners prefer to be close to nature by minimizing environmental impact.

There are also significant differences in equipment: Survival practitioners have a variety of equipment at their disposal and prepare for any type of dangerous situation. You have the knowledge and skills to survive in any situation. Bushcrafters often only use what is available in nature and focus on life in the wild. They have the knowledge and skills to live in the wild.



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