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TDP 20.1 tactical backpack – review and full test

Little brother of TOD 26.1 from the same brand, the TDP 20.1 is a 20 liter backpack with a lot of style and thorough attention to detail for tacticool enthusiasts.

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So, in this article, we talk about all that:

Features of the TDP 20.1 Tactical Bag

Just like the other models in the range, the TDP 20.1 is offered in Black and A-TACS LE. And that sucks! It is made of Polyester tech 700 dn fabric and that… it doesn’t tear!


Its front face is covered with a pad Laser cut MOLLE and a female velcro insert to receive patches.

It has a main compartment with zip closure with a good capacity in which there is a sleeve for a 15″ computer (maxi) or a water pocket (with a loop for the pipe provided on the top).

Two straps and elastic velcro secure this part.

The opening is wide enough to be able to slip your head in (to illustrate the expression “damn this morning, my head is in the bag”) or put a small animal in it (big cat, baby hyena… ). Seriously, you’ll have room to put on your vest, your snack or your bike helmet.

The front part accommodates a through pocket closed by zips on both sides. It’s quite practical to slip a jacket in for example.

The MOLLE laser cut (7 lines of 4 openings) is lined with a crossed shock cord with a rather badass skull and crossbones loops and a grenade-shaped sliding stop. Enough to reinforce the tactical look with a lot of style and character.

The bottom of the bag and the inner sleeve is lined with foam to protect the contents. The front pocket is lined with a soft fabric.

Each zip is equipped with a cord loop, practical for handling with gloves.



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