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Test and Review of the Assault Invader gear gloves


Invader gear is a brand that offers a fairly comprehensive range of tactical gear and equipment.

Today, high five, we’re talking about gloves!

Presentation of these gloves

For once, well-cut gloves that adapt well to your hand!

There are 4 sizes ranging from 8 (S) to 11 (XL). The sizes are faithful to the size reference of the glove, the pink Mappa to do the dishes (I do 9 for example).

Test And Review Of The Assault Invader Gear Gloves

In terms of materials, we are on quality synthetic with doubled seams.

The inner side, in other words, the “palm of the hand” is made of synthetic leather, which, in addition to being aesthetic and breathable, is rather resistant.

When I say breathable, it’s to let you know that it’s micro-perforated with lots of tiny little holes.

In addition, the fingers (except the thumbs) are provided with a small ergo pierced at the level of the dorsal face of the proximal phalanges for more ventilation.

While some points are reinforced (the fingertips for example) others are designed to combine dexterity and flexibility (at the level of the first phalanges and the wrist).

These neoprene pieces make joints more comfortable without neglecting protection.

You can find them on Amazon if you are looking for a good set of gloves.



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