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1663772467 Test of the 2 Banger bag from 511 TACTICAL

Test of the “2 Banger” bag from 5.11 TACTICAL – Ideal for an EDC

Why this bag?

So I had a hard time deciding, but I wanted to change my bag.

My old one being the classic Eastpak bag, the well-known “The One”. I kept it since my high school years, almost 15 years ago…

Well, I admit, the main reason for this need to change is that, because of my job, I find myself with glasses on the nose, and the rigid case takes up a bit of space… And transporting it in a pocket of softshell, very little for me!

A little idea of ​​what I was looking for

I wanted something solid, original for ordinary mortals, but which remained “go-anywhere” while being as functional as possible.

And of course, I wanted to try my best to keep this “price / longevity” ratio.

My new bag had to be as small as possible but still allowing me to carry my EDC.

It had to be functional, in order to be able to optimize the storage space, and thus have quick and easy access to my current affairs: wallet, checkbook, etc. I will come back to this a little later.

And I wanted it to have this “tacticool” look with MOLLE loops, without going overboard either.

In short, I wanted something impossible to find… or almost!

I came across the 2 Banger satchel after a good 2 days of searching. I had put it aside and, after seeing it, all the others seemed “good but I’ve seen better”.

Test Of The “2 Banger” Bag From 5.11 Tactical – Ideal For An Edc

How is the 2 Banger bag presented?

The 2 Banger bag is sold with two rubber bands and two clips for the rubber bands.

All this is provided to allow you to choose the mode of retention of the M4/AR magazines. So for us, it’s not something necessary. It could be useful, however, for airsofters.

A belly strap with quick releases (I call them clips) is also provided, to allow you to “secure” the bag when you have to run, in order to prevent it from slipping.

For my part, I do not need it, being conveyed.

I would highly recommend using this strap for people using public transport. Having to run after a bus, or run to jump into the metro when the doors are about to close… (yes, that’s a real experience!) And then it’s also to secure the bag against pickpockets!

The reinforced part of the main strap is padded with foam, and this part is movable with respect to the strap.

A second fixed part ends the strap on one side, with a MOLLE “grid” on top in the “Laser Cut Molle” version. It is made of a very thin female velcro, which will avoid “fluff” and will allow you to scratch a crest (from NoPanic for example?), or a name strip.

“Standard” MOLLE loops are arranged on either side of the bag, on the edges more precisely. They thus make it possible to add a pocket for a water bottle or a pocket for other M4/AR magazines, etc.

The zipper of the main compartment is “two-way”.

Basically, you have to make the gesture of closing the zip to open it, and that of opening the zip to close it. It’s a little confusing at first, but I got used to it super quickly. And it is true that it is really well thought out!

You can access this compartment without having to open it entirely.

The back of the bag is made of a kind of padded and very breathable “mesh”. This mesh is neither more nor less than the “hidden” pocket (the famous Concealed Pouch).

The strap is completely adjustable according to your desire, and your way of carrying the bag. She is therefore totally ambidextrous if we can say like that.

Finally, for the strap to be adjustable, retaining clips, like safety pins, are present on either side of the strap.

You can find this amazing bug-out all-pourpose bag on Amazon right here.



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