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1663105738 Test of the Condor Sidekick pouch an ideal pouch for

Test of the Condor Sidekick pouch, an ideal pouch for a care kit

You may know the Condor Outdoor brand.

Well here is the Sidekick Pouch!

I had the pleasure of testing this cover. And that’s good because I was looking for a suitable model to mount it on my MOLLE panel, at the back of my driver’s seat.

The idea was to put in addition to the EDV and large first aid kit, a small kit quickly accessible for children

You can find several great pouches on Amazon, right here.


It is found under the reference MA64-003 in the Tan version.

It is the size of a French-English dictionary, for the 3e on a class trip to Portsmouth and weighs a little more than a 250g bar of butter.

It is equipped with a very soft Molle velcro panel for patches (12.5cm x 7.5cm) and a series of 5 MOLLE strips on the back.

Snap-on semi-rigid MOLLES attachments are independent and can be removed. But then, well… you have a soft pouch that you can no longer attach to another MOLLE thing. That’s a lot of MOLLE in a single paragraph. Ha… I forgot, there are 3 MOLLE loops on each side.

On the front (yeah), you’ll find a zipper that gives you access to a compartment large enough to place an Israeli bandage or a survival blanket (or a tin of sardines).

Why is it good?



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