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TOD 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review

I’ve been carrying my Millet Pro light 24 as a one day bag for more than 10 years.

It is still in very good condition, but I wanted to change to a compartmentalized model, a tactical model. The TOD 26.1 is a worthy replacement!

In summary :


Before making a more complete return on a longer test period (by January), here are some characteristics and technical data, checked by me.

From a general point of view, it is a tactical bag.

That means it’s a compartmentalized bag with a whole bunch of neat little things to organize your EDC (every day carry): D-rings, quality zips, badass resistant fabric (700 Dn) and MOLLE Laser Cut wherever you need it.

As you are a fan of selective low profile, you also have a nice velcro panel to put your patches on.

Bulk :

  • Capacity: 30L
  • Dimensions (cm): width 28 x height 42 cm, depth (empty): 16 cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Materials: Polyester Tech – 700
  • Colours available: Full Black // A-Tacks LE (black-grey)

Just like classic MOLLE, laser cut MOLLE allows you to add pouches to your bag.

Tod 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review

Capacity and compartments

If we go into a little detail we can note 4 compartments :

  • a rather large and catch-all main compartment of 25 x 30 x 6 cm,
  • a more EDC-oriented front compartment,
  • a third compartment in the form of an 18 x 9 cm zipped pocket at the top of the front,
  • and finally a discreet dorsal compartment (which has not been checked either at the airport or at various checkpoints such as Parc Astérix for example) over the entire height and width of the bag and which opens to 2 thirds by zipper.

Main compartment

Segmented into 3 parts, the main compartment can accommodate a 15-inch computer (maximum, tested with a MacBook pro + case).

This sheath reinforced with high-density foam allows the computer to be inserted, which is then held in place by an elastic Velcro strap.

In the same place, a small clip fastener allows you to hang a water bladder. The tube can come out through the hole provided for this purpose, a little higher.

The large capacity of this compartment can accommodate a lot of equipment, the maximum width at the base being a large 12 cm: Nalgene 1 litre, clothes, care kit, etc.

The bottom is pierced to allow liquid to escape in the event of a leak. Please note: this compartment is therefore not waterproof if the bag is placed in the water!

On the front part of this compartment, a mesh net closed by a zip forms a pocket approximately 22 cm wide x 21 cm high. Super practical!

Tod 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review

Front compartment

Do you like Tetris? This compartment is made for you. I won’t go into detail, what I’m just going to tell you is why it’s practical and well thought out…

When we talk about the bottom of the bag or EDC, we should always specify the importance of the organization. This is also the case in modular emergency systems.

Indeed, if we need to use an element of his EDC in general, it is under the influence of urgency.

Filing and organization are what separates an EDC from a purse. No judgment in this statement, especially since there are as many ways to store your things as there are people!

Here, in TOD 26.1, the front pocket opens almost 100% and reveals various elements favouring organization: sheaths, a mesh pocket, insert closed by shock cord or velcro, clip…

Now it’s up to you to organize all of this so that it’s as accessible as possible: a Mesh net for medication or the care kit, a sheath for a pencil or a USB key…

Tod 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review

Zipped compartment

This little extra space on the front is lined with very soft fabrics.

My little finger tells me it would be perfect for your phone or a small camera/sports cam.

It is quickly accessible and makes it possible to isolate an element that must be used on a recurring basis. This is also where I keep my papers.

It may seem a bit sensitive and easily opened by a pickpocket when you have the bag on your back.

This is why I systematically secure the zip (as well as the other two of the other two compartments) with a Tiny Tool key clip when I am in a risk zone (this is rarely the case).

And so I’m calm, even if it’s just psychological because it doesn’t hold much back… Anyway, if I’m in a risky place then I take my bag on my knees or in front of me, and I take on a scary look.

Hidden compartment

We can say that it is “hidden” because its location is not very common.

I confirm! This space is located between the carrying system and the main compartment.

It is often here that the plate is inserted which stiffens the back of the bag. Sometimes this space opens to be able to remove this plate, but on TOD 26.1 it is much more than that.

It is composed of a large space and an elastic pocket. It can contain an A4 file, a photo frame of your dog (or your mother-in-law), half a pizza (or a whole calzone)…

Tod 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review


Its denomination TOD 26.1 indicates that it makes 26 litres for 1 day.

In reality, it is a little bigger than that. We are approaching 30/32 litres.

It’s perfect for a not too busy weekend, and it easily passes as a cabin bag in addition to a suitcase. Tested and approved!


We were just talking about the rigid back.

Here, it’s between the semi-rigid and the rigid (yes, that’s precise) and it allows good support of the back to the bag.

From a general point of view, the portage is pleasant and the maintenance is more than correct.

It is however not possible to make this back less rigid as on certain models, but it is clearly not a problem.

If when the bag is empty, the front compartment tends to collapse a little, the reminder straps with Fastex are on the other hand very useful for compacting the bag when it is full.

Carrying elements and equipment

The reminder straps are present in the number 4: 2 for each pocket.

Note: the excess length of these straps is maintained by small integrated Velcro. What attention to detail!

The comfort foams are quite thick (about 20mm) and require a little work. But that’s to be a little harsh because the portage is really very pleasant in the long run.

There is one on either side of the spine (with an air vent) and one at the lower back level. This positioning creates natural ventilation to avoid getting your back soaked.

The reinforcements are covered with a mesh net which increases breathability in the areas of contact with the back.

The straps equipped with straps, D-rings and loops (for the straw of a water bag for example) are also comfortable.

They are equipped with Fastex at the base for quick detachment. For the class, there is a small discreet PVC V8 patch sewn on the left strap, appreciable!

The entire carry can be optimized by a minimalist abdominal strap (which can easily be removed) and a chest strap.

Let’s not forget that we are on an urban one day and not a hiking bag! These little touches are still interesting if you want to distribute the load.

Note that the chest strap is made of elastic to avoid compression.

Under the bag, there are 4 strap bridges to add a pocket or a floor mat for example. It’s rather practical that kind of small options makes the difference.

Finally, an essential in my opinion: is the handle on the top of the bag. Here, rather classic but with style, it is coupled with two D-rings, one on either side.

Notice after a few weeks

Well, all things considered, it’s not terrible… Besides, I give it to the first one who comments…

No just kidding!

I’ve been looking for a bag like this for a while to dethrone my Millet. The poor guy is now retired!

I like to organize my little EDC in my bag to take beautiful photos full of filters and show off on the internet and there I am served!

No kidding, it’s perfectly calibrated, beautiful mesh pockets and above all practical access through the almost total wide opening of the compartment.

I immediately customized the zips of the different pockets in order to open the right one, the two compartments being quite close.

So I know the red paracord matches the front pocket unless it’s the other way around…

My only regret about this bag is the slight sagging of the front part when the large compartment is not loaded. But this is a purely aesthetic detail…

If you are interested in getting this bag, or another similar model, I recommend you check out Amazon which sells them at great prices, right here.

Tod 26.1 Review – One Day Tactical Bag – My Review


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