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Our TOP5 to optimize your chances of surviving

Consejos de supervivencia: nuestro TOP5 para optimizar tus posibilidades de sobrevivir

Here are our five tips to optimize your chances of survival, whether lost on a hike, a walk, or even in a degraded situation.

1 – Eat

Do not immediately focus on finding food, as eating is not as important as keeping warm and finding water.

You’ll always find something to eat in nature, whether edible plants, wild berries, fruits, or even edible insects.

2 – Stay warm

To stay warm all night, heat some stones if you have a good fire, then bury them in the ground where they will be kept warm all night, giving you a comfortable place to sleep.

A shelter can be made of tree branches.

This will protect from the elements and keep the heat in.

If there are several of you, play the proximity card and warm up to each other.

3 – See signals

Be visible to optimize your chances during a rescue operation.

Do not hide from the vegetation.

Choose a place where they can see you, make a fire, or a pile of rocks, shake out your clothes, and use a mirror or a survival blanket to signal you.

4 – Take care of your feet

In the event of a forced march, and more generally, watch your feet.

Circumstances can suddenly become dramatic, even deadly if you are immobilized due to a sprained ankle, giant blisters or toe injuries.

In a survival situation, your feet are your main, and often only, means of movement.

5 – Keep hope

Never give up.

You must have had a positive attitude: the mind is one, if not “the” basis of survival.

I read that an amateur gold prospector disappeared in the Australian Outback for four days: he was found dead, hidden and curled up in a corner. This is not the right attitude; he should have exposed himself, reported himself, fought for his survival and not resigned himself…



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