My essential gear (list)

Find out in this list which items of equipment for bushcraft, survival and camping I am convinced of. I use these items regularly.

My Essential Gear (list)

You’re wondering what I’ve got in my backpack right now?

What gear do I still have in my closet that I use again and again?

Then here comes my equipment list.

I use the items listed below regularly.

And I use them regularly because I believe in them.

Why are you finding my list here?

Since Survival-Kompass-Magazine has been around, readers have been writing to me again and again and asking what equipment I use on my trips.

I tested a lot of gear, but not every piece of gear made it into my backpack. I have resold some items or they are not worth mentioning.

My Essential Gear (list)

Not sure what to put on your gear list?

Well, here are some helpful recommendations to make it more manageable.

Of course, you don’t need such a large list to start with like I do.

One more thing: My equipment list is individually tailored to me. So you may well say that some pieces of equipment are not suitable for you at all.

That’s totally fine too, as needs and experiences may vary.

My Essential Gear (list)
My equipment list for tinkering differs significantly from an equipment list for sleeping 4 days in the forest.

Sometimes I go into the forest to build something, like a wooden bench. On other days I sleep 4 days in the forest and accordingly my equipment changes fundamentally.

And now have fun browsing.

Fire equipment

Lighting a fire is important and I am also passionate about cooking in the woods. I prefer to use it at the moment Sir Vivor Firesteelto light a fire. As a hobo cook, I have enjoyed the for years FlexFire Premium from Wika. If circumstances don’t allow for a hobo stove, I’ll take that Primus Essential Trail Stove.


My Essential Gear (list)
The Sir Vivor Profi Outdoor Fire Steel XL


My Essential Gear (list)
My lunch on the Wika FlexFire Premium Hobo with the Primus Litech aluminium frying pan


tool to work

A good ranger is nothing without his knife. I’ve tested a few and I love using my Morakniv Classic with a carbon steel blade. If I need a more stable knife, then mine will fit Casstrom Woodsman on the belt.


    • Morakniv Classic 2 with 10.5 cm carbon steel blade, red-brown birch wood handle
    • Stainless steel Morakniv Companion
    • Morakniv Eldris, M-12649, with blue plastic handle
    • Casström Messer Woodsman, curly birch, fixed
    • Puma IP belt knife, olive wood handles knife
    • Joker bushcraft knife Arrui 12
    • Morakniv Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife
    • Frost® Paring Knife #164S
    • Victorinox pocket knife Spartan (12 functions, large blade, corkscrew)
    • Morakniv Unisex Children’s Knife, Green
My Essential Gear (list)
These three pieces of equipment accompany me on my travels

Axe, hatchet, saw, spade

I have these for smaller jobs Fiskar’s universal axe is mostly there. Grandpa’s forest ax for rough work. And if I have to pre-carve a spoon roughly, I use that Fiskar’s hatchet. If I’m on the road for several days, I pack it Hultafor’s trekking axe HULTAN a – a reliable all-purpose hatchet. When it comes to saws, I can never really make up my mind because the Silky and coghlans both are great.

My Essential Gear (list)
The Hultafors trekking ax HULTAN


Knives and axes need to stay sharp, so you’ll also find whetstones here. At home, I use the large whetstone with 400 and 1000 grit. I always have that in the field Fallkniven DC4 included.

My Essential Gear (list)
I always have the Fallkniven DC4 sharpening stone with me

sleeping equipment

My sleeping gear can be used in both summer and winter.

My Essential Gear (list)
I like the Decathlon Trek MT900 1-person trekking tent, especially when I have weight to watch

equipment for cooking

Since I really like to cook outside, a lot has come together. Think Tatonka mug as well as the Tatonka Bowl I always have it with me.

My Essential Gear (list)
I regularly cook my food in my Billx Can saucepan.

water and food


I’m not that picky about clothes. In the winter I just wear my bushcraft anorak, a hunting sweater, my Fjällräven trousers and fleece underpants. Gloves, cloth and wool hat are a must.

My Essential Gear (list)
I love my self-sewn bushcraft anorak more than anything


My tip is these Dunlop S1 rubber boots for wet weather in the forest – they keep you very warm and are so comfortable that you can easily walk 10 hours in them comfortably. Otherwise, I wear these in normal weather Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike 2.


Without my power banks, I would be lost in the wilderness. I prefer those Anker power banks 20,000 mAh here and I load them with the BigBlue 28W solar device if it is necessary.

My Essential Gear (list)
My Anker power bank with 20,000 mAh is fully charged, my rescue to power my smartphone


Some days I have my binoculars Eschenbach Sector F 8×25 included. However, I always have my tick set and my first aid kit with me.

My Essential Gear (list)
The Suunto Compass MC-2

car camping

Occasionally we go out with the family and then we need more equipment.

My Essential Gear (list)
This power station from Jackery reliably supplies me with electricity when I’m camping
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