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Deer Hunting

Jakt på dyreliv – Husk disse tipsene

Hunting wildlife can become important faster than we realize today. Wild animals provide numerous building materials that a good diet should provide. 

If you are travelling off-road, the stock of plants may also be too small. If you want to hunt, you should have basic skills and knowledge. 

There are general instructions for this, which cannot be directly implemented in practice for legal reasons. When it comes to actually kill wild animals, you have to do without exercise.

Checklist: Hunting wild animals

In the states and most other countries, you are not allowed to simply hunt with a rifle without a hunting license.

The most important elements

  • They should wear camouflage clothing as a general rule, or at least whenever possible. Camouflage clothing should be worn in such a way that areas of light skin are also covered. If there is light, animals will be able to see you quickly, which you should avoid as much as possible. You should therefore always seek and use shade whenever trees or rocks make this possible, for example. The incidence of light can otherwise significantly reduce your hunting yields.
  • Wild animals have fine sensory organs. Therefore, when hunting wild animals, you should avoid approaching them downwind. The wind would carry your scent in the direction of the wildlife, the chance would be over very quickly. Therefore, before hunting, check the wind direction.
  • In addition, you must definitely be prepared not only to have perseverance but also to exercise patience. If you don’t have patience, you can very quickly destroy good opportunities – see the example of the wind. Even if you see a good opportunity, be patient.
  • When hunting wild animals, you should always move very slowly (at least as slowly as possible) and remain silent. This also requires that you should assess the path you are about to take. Any cracking sound can startle well-hearing animals. It is ideal if you have fixed positions and don’t move at all.
  • A wild animal knows its territory. If you want to be successful, you have to know this terrain as well as the game. You should explore the area beforehand.
  • If you should have killed an animal, the hunted goods must be placed in a cool environment as quickly as possible. Put it in a cooler. If you don’t have a cool box, at least avoid storing the animal in places that are particularly warm.
  • The place where you successfully hunted is taboo for the next hunts. Wild animals that know and appreciate their territory will avoid hunting grounds if hunted too often in a row.
  • If you hunt with traps, you should regularly check the traps to see whether wild animals have already been caught. Attention: If the animals are only injured, they usually become aggressive. Kill the animal before releasing it from the trap.

If you prefer to hunt wild boar, you should know everything about your prey. In addition, I recommend that you inform yourself well about various things before your hunt. For example about the eating habits, the habitat, and what time of day you go hunting best.

One of the most basic things you have to consider when it comes to hunting is what hunting weapon will you use. My personal preference is to hunt with a compound bow.

It’s very quiet, and even after you kill the animal, the other animals in the area are non the wiser, whereas when you use a hunting rifle, you get one shot, and then the forest is empty for animals, as they get spooked from the loud noises. So it’s kind of a trade-off, as it’s very simple to kill with a rifle, but a lot harder when you don’t know what you are doing with a compound bow.

In a life-or-death survival SHTF scenario, I might be hunting with my wife or brother, and he/she can use the rifle if the bow is not working out. But in other scenarios, I would always go for the bow.



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