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Should you opt for a Tactical Bag as a survivalist?

Why choose a tactical bag, if you are not part of the intervention forces for which this type of bag was initially designed?

Quite simply because, if indeed tactical bags were originally designed for intervention forces, their use has gradually become more widespread in recent years.

It is less and less rare to come across one in the city, without its owner being closely or remotely related to the military world or of the police.

The influence of Hollywood and video games are probably not unrelated to this.

We can regularly see it on the screen, in action films or Netflix & TV series.

Should You Opt For A Tactical Bag As A Survivalist?

But beyond this media exposure, it is clear that these bags are well suited to the urban world and short trips.

By the way… what is a tactical bag?

I’m going to introduce you to what a tactical bag is, telling you about its advantages…

A modular bag

The modularity of this type of bag is one of its main advantages.

Organizing and segmenting your equipment is made very easy.

At a time when we travel more and more with a lot of equipment (a laptop, cables and chargers, a telephone, a pair of glasses, water, a sandwich, an EDC), everyone finds suitable accommodation there.

Besides, the water bag can also be used to slip your computer into it.

Some manufacturers have understood this civilian use well and even incorporate a padded location for the computer equipment.

The MOLLE technology also interests outside the tactical world. For example, the photographic luggage brand LowePro includes them in its ProTactic range.

Should You Opt For A Tactical Bag As A Survivalist?

A versatile bag

Tactical bags are also very practical when travelling.

It is easy to attach jackets, hats, water bottles or even a pair of light shoes.

Versatile, they will withstand different climates and will withstand both urban outings and nature.

Little risk of having a bag that suddenly breaks, which has happened to me in the past.

They can be dragged on the ground, grated against a wall, or even receive a broken glass, without any worries. Below 35 litres, by plane, they slip into the hold of hand luggage, even on small devices.

In order to be visible at night, you can easily hang one or two small glowsticks in the loops at the back.

It can also be used during business trips, within a certain limit of course… Even with a suit, if the bag is black or grey, provided it is impeccably clean, it doesn’t clash too much.

Should You Opt For A Tactical Bag As A Survivalist?

A bag with only qualities?

No, of course, they do not only have advantages.

First of all, its appearance is not really glamorous and can even scare.

But it is clear that in higher latitudes, they go mostly unnoticed. Even during searches at the entrance to a public place, they do not arouse particular suspicion if the rest of the outfit is not tactical.

You can also “soften” yours with cute colours or moral patches.

Should You Opt For A Tactical Bag As A Survivalist?

Also, we can blame them for their resistance to good rain or humidity: it is not really good.

the cords tend to absorb and retain water. The water-repellent coating loses effectiveness with use.

A protective cover is therefore often mandatory.

And finally, the last defect: their weight, is much higher at the same capacity than a classic bag.

But despite these small flaws, I’ve opted for this type of bag for more than four years now and I can’t see myself going back… And you?

If you are interested in checking out some great tactical backpacks, try to take a look at Amazon. They have a great selection, and tons of reviews so you know you are not buying some crap!

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