These 10 types of people will have a hard time when SHTF

Have you ever thought about how successful you will be when disaster strikes?

One way or another, an SHTF scenario will result in some people having a much harder time than others.

In such an exceptional situation, as you know, it can mean inevitable death.

You know that feeling: While you’re watching an action or horror movie, you can usually predict with relative certainty which character will die first, right?

This is due in particular to the fact that these characters in particular have special properties that are rather unfavourable in such scenarios.

In the following article, you will learn which characteristics make it particularly difficult for you when SHTF.

You will also get to know exactly the types of people who are unlikely to survive such a scenario.

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People who panic easily

I would like to start by telling you this: You absolutely cannot afford to panic when disaster strikes.

Certainly, when society collapses, all of our usual security guarantors fall away and it is extremely difficult, primarily at the beginning, to orientate oneself and retain a little control.

It’s basically understandable why quite a number of people panic when SHTF, but unfortunately it doesn’t help – least of all you.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf
Panic makes everything worse – try to avoid it

I’m not talking about fear here, because everyone will probably have that at first at a moment like this, but about the full-blown panic that can go hand in hand with a considerable loss of control.

Because what does panic mean? Very easily:

    • ill-considered decisions
    • Impaired perception
    • hasty action

Every single point can cause you a lot of trouble in an exceptional scenario, even costing you your life.

So do your best to stay calm and not allow any panic to arise in the first place. Do you feel fear spreading through your body? Accept them, take a deep breath, and focus on finding solutions that will help you in the long run.

The lonely wolf”

Do you ever think you’re better off alone when SHTF?

Or are you enthusiastic about the strong survival artists who fight their way through a completely destroyed world in apocalyptic Hollywood films without having to ask for help?

If so, then get both thoughts and ideas right out of your head.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf

It has nothing to do with reality, quite the opposite.

When you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic scenario, you definitely want to be part of a party, or at least gather some allies around you.

How difficult do you think it is to gather and transport sufficient supplies when you are alone?

Sure, you can build yourself a little shelter that will shelter you for a while.

However, if you run out of supplies, you must set out and leave your new home defenceless.

Furthermore, you will always be at a disadvantage compared to larger groups. If you’re lucky, they might take you in. If not, you’re more likely to become a grateful victim of looting.

Man is a herd animal and not a loner.

Civilization could only form as we began to live in larger groups.

So get away from the notion of being a loner if you want to survive an SHTF scenario unscathed.

Lack of survival skills

Due to the collapse of society, almost all luxury goods and services that currently seem normal to us are gone.

We are always taken care of without having to take care of most things ourselves. Our food and water supply are secured by the supermarket or the tap, medicines by pharmacies and doctor’s surgeries.

With all the positive aspects that modern society brings with it, however, it also has disadvantages.

We are spoiled by constant luxury and have almost completely forgotten how to survive in the great outdoors without the support of the social system.

Conversely, this also means that we are resting on our laurels, which in a survival scenario has fatal consequences.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf
A homemade water filter for a survival situation

Those unable to relearn the survival basics our ancestors knew will find it significantly harder than others when SHTF. Basically, you should be acquiring the skills that were normal for people before our modern world.

You can find particularly good tips for this in the following articles on my blog:

people without sufficient supplies

As a prepper, or at least someone interested in prepping, this point should be clear to you.

Once the processes of society and the market economy have come to a complete standstill and the supermarket shelves have been emptied, the only supplies left are those in your own four walls.

During an SHTF scenario, you won’t have the time or ability to get decent supplies quickly.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf
A few more cans in the basement might make the difference in a crisis

As you know, prepping is not the norm in modern society. If the worst comes to the worst, this will lead to a veritable rush to supermarkets and food supplies that will leave hardly anything.

In the worst case, those who are too slow or cannot assert themselves are starving. The consequences are a higher susceptibility to infection, dehydration and malnutrition. All three factors can lead to death.


Let me be very clear here: Your pacifist views are honourable and well-intentioned, but they certainly don’t help you here.

Even if you find it difficult to move away from it, it is necessary to deal with it.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf
Explore self-defence and maybe even use legal guns

Pacifists in particular will be helplessly at the mercy of looters and other criminals who do not shy away from the use of force. Now is not the time for peaceful negotiations and diplomacy, at least not always.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, must be able to defend themselves, their families and their companions in an SHTF scenario.

Anyone who refrains from doing so out of pacifist conviction will not survive long in such a situation.

Undecided people

Are you one of those indecisive people who don’t like having to make decisions at all?

If so, then I have bad news for you, because this trait also greatly reduces your chance of surviving in an SHTF scenario.

In contrast to everyday life, in this situation, it is important to make quick and decisive decisions that can make the difference between life and death if the worst comes to the worst.

Doubters, hesitant and undecided people are definitely at a disadvantage here.

People who are too frank with their supplies

Where do you think people look for supplies when all the shelves are empty and all the food is gone?

Of course – exactly where they expect these supplies and food!

Do you perhaps know one or the other prepper who is too open-hearted about his job and especially about his supplies?

A little candid chatting here – giving out some information there. Unconsciously, you can reveal a lot in open conversations, not infrequently with strangers.

Something like this gets around – especially in an exceptional situation – of course.

So if you don’t want to be known as a free supermarket or a self-service shop for looters, keep a low profile.

Chronically ill people

Chronically ill people who regularly have to resort to certain medications are fundamentally at a disadvantage at first.

With thorough preparation, however, it is possible to at least approximately compensate for this.

These 10 Types Of People Will Have A Hard Time When Shtf

If society collapses, the healthcare system will also be affected, so the supply of medicines is at risk.

If you belong to this group of people, you should make sure that you always have access to your medication.

Otherwise, you can check whether there are alternatives that you can fall back on if an exceptional situation arises.

The late bloomer

Your perfectly packed escape backpack and your optimally located bug out location will unfortunately not help you if you are a late bloomer and miss the right time to escape.

Nowadays you can see this, especially in natural disasters. Despite warnings, many people remain where they are.

Only at the very last moment, just before it starts, does this group of people decide to flee.

Unfortunately, by then it is often too late.

Eternally long traffic jams and other blockages prevent the bug out location from being reached at all. So keep a close eye on the situation and don’t wait too long or it will be too late.

The weak-willed

What should not be missing in addition to all the preparation, supplies, skills and other aspects is:

    • the motivation, ambition and will to survive and emerge victorious from a situation

I don’t want to lie to you: an SHTF situation will be anything but comfortable or easy to handle.

You will likely have to sacrifice and give up many things that are important to you, often wondering if there is ever any chance of improvement.

Many people tend to bury their heads in the sand in such situations and just stop.

Even now, in the midst of our modern society, there are a large number of people who are not ready to pursue their goals and focus their willpower on them.

If even the smallest obstacles arise, the goal that was previously considered so important is simply abandoned.

Avoid being part of this group of people. You must not be able to fail an SHTF situation.

Start now to persistently pursue your goals and strengthen your will to succeed!

What is difficult for you now will be even more difficult if you do not prepare yourself mentally and morally.

Conclusion: The time to prepare is now!

As you can see, you can already work on each of the points mentioned in the article to enormously increase your probability of survival in the event of an emergency.

You’ve already taken the first step: you’ve read the article and recognized the potential weaknesses that can make life difficult for you when a crisis or disaster strikes.

Now let the points and groups of people go through your head again and check which ones apply to you.

If you can identify with one or more groups of people, start working on it!

Prepare now, empower yourself, and be ready when the worst comes to the worst.

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