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Train while fasting

If you want to prepare for a survival situation, physical fitness is undoubtedly part of it. This includes your physical weight and strength. 

The less you weigh, the less energy you have to expend in such a situation. Conversely, it can also be important to prepare for a low energy intake from the outset. In both cases, fasting training is a good option.

Fasting – just like that?

You can fast without a doubt and at any time. The body can go without food for at least weeks (roughly 20 days). 

However, you need water regularly. Where is the problem?
The psyche: If you want to fast or have to in a crisis situation, then the body quickly becomes not only restless, but also one-dimensional. Our brains are still geared towards the need for food to be ingested.

If you start fasting just like that, stress hormones will be released quickly. This creates psychological stress, you will become restless. 

If you eat little or too little or nothing at all over a longer period of time, your mood will suffer as a result. Then it can also lead to aggression and finally to depression.

Therefore, you should prepare the fasting situation. This includes getting to grips with the situation. 

There are different ways to practice fasting properly. There is no one truth about what works best.

The suggestions for physical fitness

  • First, train to go 12 hours without food . It’s not as easy as it reads – we don’t know such breaks.
  • You will have to keep yourself busy in the meantime. For example, you should go for a walk or take up other relatively simple physical activities.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. This initially saturates and calms the body. Of course, the liquid doesn’t help – it just trains you to be able to take longer fast breaks.
  • Then extend the fasting period—after a while you should be able to go 24 hours straight without food.
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