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Two-way radios: communication without electricity

The communication systems in our society are ultimately prone to failure. If there is war that escalates, it is precisely the communication systems, satellites and cell towers that will become the focus of the attackers. In such a situation, it is important to know how you want to ensure communication. We recommend well-tried radios. These could prove valuable, especially given the recent development(s).

Two-way radios: The old technology

Radio technology has already proven itself in the preceding world wars and international wars. Radio connections are always important when the normal communication systems are not working, when the electricity is cut off or when you expect, for example, that you will no longer be able to use normal mobile communications in any way.

Above all, CB radios help you establish communication systems within a short range. In this way, you can set up a regional network and thus a) pass on information quickly and b) also establish early warning services. Such a network would have helped to reach more people more quickly during the flood in the Ahr Valley and to warn them of the consequences of the flood.

ยปIn the worst case of a crisis, all power-dependent means of communication will fail. What can I do against it? How does communication succeed without electricity?โ€ asks reader Roland M.

Answer: Longer power outages due to various crisis scenarios have devastating effects in our digital world. Because with a “blackout” nothing works.

Still, it can be vital that you receive alerts and other important messages. This is extremely important for survival and mental stability.

Two-way Radios: Communication Without Electricity

How can you do it?

However, most people these days have no experience with CB radios. You should therefore deal with the topic. The first step is buying good equipment. The rule is that these should be equipped with an antenna. However, it makes sense to strengthen and massively expand the antennas themselves.

In the second step, you should โ€“ still on the Internet โ€“ get in touch with people who use the radio themselves. There are plenty of groups doing this business. Because there are practices that must be observed in radio communications. These are, for example, how to address others and certain limits that must be observed.

Therefore, you should have built up the appropriate resources beforehand. In concrete terms, it helps if you have already joined such a group for several weeks; Social media can also help you with this.

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I will now explain to you three communication options with which you can then continue to obtain all the information that you absolutely need:

1. Grid-independent world receiver

Modern world receivers are not only powered by batteries but are now also equipped with a solar panel and a crank for charging a small generator.

These devices are always operational and guarantee you access to information at all times, even in the event of lengthy power outages: whether evacuation plans, warnings about riots and riots or information on food distribution. You can also receive foreign channels.

My advice: You can get world receivers in electronics stores and crisis prevention shops for as little as USD20. A crank-driven radio, such as a solar crank radio including a power bank, is also an advantage.

2. CB radios

As already mentioned, in a blackout, communication is very important. This is exactly what battery-powered CB handheld radios and CB radio systems in your house or in your vehicle allow you to do. They work like this: With CB radio, signals are exchanged directly between the transmitter and receiver. This allows you at least regional sources of information.

Reason: Local CB radio operators are well-informed about local events and much closer to the action than the media.

The past shows that CB radio operators are often the first to pass on important messages in the event of a disaster: for example, where water, food or petrol can be obtained, where medical help can be provided or in which areas it can be dangerous.

My advice: Find your local CB radio club, as they can help you.

My tip: You can get decent CB radio devices for as little as USD70.

Take a look here at the best CB radios on Amazon.

Two-way Radios: Communication Without Electricity

3. Two-way radios

Two-way radios are a sought-after and inexpensive means of communication. Especially when your cell phone and landline phone fail, you can communicate up to 8 (!) kilometres in open space with the appropriate radio equipment. In the city, it is still about 3 kilometres. So you are flexible at all times, although for a shorter distance, but still! At least that way you can keep in touch with your family.

My advice: good two-way radios are available in electronics shops or on the Internet for as little as USD70.

I recommend the Motorola as it’s waterproof, has the great built quality and has a good range! Check it out right here.

With a world receiver, you can access vital information in the event of a crisis, so you are not isolated.

CB and/or two-way radios also enable you to communicate with important contacts.

How do you behave properly in an acute crisis situation? It’s best to stick to these tips.

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